Ile Eros

Ile Eros

Ile Eros is a polished casual restaurant in the heart of Lekki Phase 1. If you’re familiar with Cookie Jar from back in the day, then you will be excited to know that Chef Tolu Eros of Cookie Jar came back with a bang to the culinary industry with his new baby Ile Eros.

The restaurant takes a twist on Nigerian food with a contemporary approach. Although I have not tried the actual menu here, I did try the Chefs tasting menu, which was an interesting experience.

The Chefs tasting menu is a 5 course menu that starts off with a soup dish and ends with desert. Believe it or not, I spent two hours eating life away on this particular day. So if you ever go in for the Chef tasting menu, be sure to go with an empty stomach and with some spare time to eat.

We started off with some house made bread and some herb infused butter, before diving into the first course which was crab croquette and crayfish veeloutte// cheesy potato croquette and peanut sauce.

You do not need to be told that those are some very strong flavors, so if you do not relate, this probably isn’t for you. Although delicious and super creative, the crayfish flavor was a little too harsh for me. Don’t Geet me wrong, I do like crayfish but not when it is overpowering.

Next, I had some sous vide duck and butternut squash soup//pinenuts and butternut squash sauce.

Now, I am not a fan of butternut squash, it requires an acquired taste but it was good nevertheless.

The third course was my favorite of the pack. Crispy beef, Pounded yam puree and Egusi. The beef was chunky and fried to perfection, it reminded me of party meat. The pounded yam was nice and creamy, not exactly what you expect authentic pounded yam to be. It was yummy nonetheless.

I am nota huge fan of egusi, so this really wasn’t my thing. However, it didn’t stop the dish from being good. Super creative too.

Next, I had the crusted fish, carrot pureè and Quinoa jollof. Now when I think jollof rice, I think about it with long grain rice Рthe traditional way you know. So quinoa was definitely out of the box for me.

The fish on the other hand was super tasty and hey what is jollof rice without dodo. If you’re open to healthy food, the quinoa might be for you.

We also had the palette cleanser and snack which I enjoyed. The mint drink was refreshing. The plantain chip for me could have been better, not as crunchy as I like my chips to be.

The chargrilled bread was pretty good, but hey – how can bread not be good?

Finished off the chef tasting menu with some brownies and homemade melting vanilla ice cream, finished with some dulce de leche.

Overall, the Ile Eros Chef tasting menu was a good experience for me. Definitely different from the norm and it unlocked a new level of creativity for my cooking skills.


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