Vanilla Moon

Vanilla Moon

Hey Y’all!

There’s a new spot in Lagos, located where the old Sakura used to be at 2 Saka Jojo Street, Victoria Island. Vanilla Moon is a Pan European restaurant with a lot to offer ambiance wise. All the new spots in Lagos are great for photoshoots and definitely instagram worthy. So if you are that instagrammer, Vanilla Moon is your new go to spot, with natural light hitting every spot at the restaurant.

My boyfriend made a joke saying the ambiance outside could easily pass for an island get away. Refer to below photo for more explanation on what he meant. The white and palm trees could easily have you sold like you were outside of Lagos.

Started off with a Vanilla Moon Classic whisky sour and a house made strawberry cocktail (not pictured) for drinks. I particularly love how the whisky sour came branded, it made the drink pretty for picture taking. I didn’t try it, but my boyfriend says it was good. So we’ll go with that story.

For starters, we went on to have a French Onion Soup and Lobster Bisque. I do not think I have ever had lobster bisque in Lagos, so this was actually refreshing, even just knowing that it existed in the city.

I really liked the bisque, although it could have done with a little bit more salt or flavor. I also wish it came with some crackers, just like in the States. Overall, I’ll give the bisque a 7.5/10. I loved that the soup was poured right in front of you and served hot too. Nothing worse than being served Luke warm soup.

After the soup came some small bites. We had the Vanilla Moon Chicken Salad, which to me seems like a spin on the classic chicken caesar. The salad was made up of iceberg lettuce, avocados, chicken, parmesan and croutons. I actually liked the salad, even though I could do without the avocados.

The Migas – artisan style chorizo and eggs on the other hand wasn’t my favorite dish. It felt like it needed something to bring it together and the chorizo was chorizo, salty.

I did enjoy the Deviled crab Farci though. This was baked crab stuffed with fresh herbs, parmesan and white wine. It was really tasty and full of flavor.

For mains, we had the braised lamb. The braised lamb was cooked in a dark chocolate sauce and served with sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables. We also had Lamb Chops Monteverdę, pan seared pistachio and herb crusted rack of lambs. I forgot to state that I like my meat well done, so this came medium rare. Thankfully, it wasn’t too bloody, so I could actually make a meal out of it. The mashed potatoes complimented the lamb chops really well and I enjoyed it.

I ended my meal with a cappuccino to warm up and a creme brûlée for dessert. I loved that the creme brûlée was really creamy, as I’ve had some really bad creme brûlée in the past. Did not think that was even possible.

So, are you visiting Vanilla Moon soon? Let me know in the comment section.


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