The House

The House

The House is a social spot/restaurant open from 11am till late, with the exception of Mondays. The House is one of my favorite spots in Lagos due to its relaxed nature. Just like the name suggests, it is an actual house with all the rooms still intact and used as is. The main restaurant is in the living room.

The living room is dark and super cozy, with blankets available on request. You really do feel at home at the house, especially if you choose to stay in the living room. The living room houses the bar and a mini library.

Other rooms in the house include the white room, which is a shisha and drink room. There’s also an in house DJ and this room turns into a semi-club/lounge in the evenings. So you can go from being comfortable and well fed in the living room to all out and ready to get drunk and party in the white room. There’s also the cigar room which I particularly love. I love the smell of cigars in a cold room, so this is one of my favorites in the house. There are different rooms for different purposes and some are available for private rental.

Although the house menu is quite extensive, it is pretty straight to the point and not overwhelming. Some of my favorites on the menu are the flying fish, the ofada bowl (which is value for money), the jerk chicken and coconut rice, and the chicken Caesar salad.

On this particular visit to the house, we started off with a chapman and a strawberry daiquiri. Both drinks were very satisfying to say the least. They were quite strong as well, so if you are a light weight, you wouldn’t be needing more than one glass.

We started off with a Caesar salad which was quite refreshing. As simple as a chicken Caesar is, some places do not get it right. So it is always exciting when I get a well made chicken Caesar salad.

For mains, we had the Ofada bowl and jerk chicken.

I actually really liked the coconut rice that came with the jerk chicken. The chicken could have used a bit more flavor, but it was good overall. It’s a dish I’d definitely order again when next I’m at the house. The jerk was super filling too and I had to pack the rest of my meal home.

We finished off our time at the house playing a game of Ayo over some shisha. Time at the house is always a good option and if you have not been yet, I’d definitely recommend you going at least once.

The House is located at 4 AJ Marinho Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria


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