Lazy Betty

Lazy Betty

Located at 1530 Dekalb Ave NE Atlanta,GA, Lazy Betty is a modern and innovative restaurant informed by the energy and community of Atlanta. The restaurant gets its inspiration from exquisite ingredients and a thoughtful approach.

I particularly loved my visit at Lazy Betty because of the rustic clean ambiance the restaurant lends. While at Lazy Betty, I tried the A La Carte Menu and you can read more about my experience as you scroll further along this post.

My sister and I started off with some cocktails. I started off with the prettiest blue drink that turned purple as our server added an extra ingredient table side. Unfortunately, I do not remember what my drink was called. Perhaps because I didn’t really enjoy it. It was a great accessory for my pictures though. My sister on the other hand had an old fashioned which tasted way better than my pretty drink. I guess traditions and hardcore are sometimes better than the new school stuff.

The A La Carte Menu consists of little plates of a variety of items. The dishes are filling, but not overwhelming. We started off with some amazing in house biscuits. I particularly loved these – they were hot, flaky and buttery. It was an amazing explosion in my mouth.

We went on to have a duck dish, inspired by Indian flavors. If you do not like strong flavors and ingredients in your food, you certainly won’t like this. The duck dish wash good, but again it was an acquired taste. It wasn’t my favorite of the items we had, but it was a good addition to our spread.

Next, we had this dish made of Ahi peppers, potato foam, Avocado and shrimps. This was super pretty and tasted good too. Unfortunately, I was late to the avocado party, so that threw me off.

I do not like Avocados and because the avocados were embedded in between the layers of this dish, I couldn’t really take it out.

It was my second time trying squid ink anything and I have come to the conclusion that I do not like squid ink. The concept of this dish was super creative and pretty, it just wasn’t for my taste buds.

I mean, I am bougie and I like to explore with my taste buds, but I do not think I am quite there yet with this.

The roasted ceasar salad was a favorite between my sister and I. We absolutely loved this. Who would have thought a roasted Caesar salad was a thing and it would taste so good?

I hardly like cooked vegetables, especially when they are not meant to be cooked. However, this was so full of flavor and I would definitely order it again. I actually want to make a spin on it at home.

The creamsicle like every other thing at Lazy Betty was plated pretty and too gorgeous to eat. Again, it was another strong flavored item. The creamsicle features candied kumquat, blood orange curd, and blood orange sorbet.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Lazy Betty as it was different from what I am use to when dinning out. Will I go back? Probably yes, but I’d try the other menu this time and not the A La Carte. For reservations, book here


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