5 Ways To Successfully Run A Blog, While In School or Working A 9-5

5 Ways To Successfully Run A Blog, While In School or Working A 9-5

One of the most popular questions I get is “How do you have time to do all you do?”

My blog has never been full time. Perhaps this is why it is easier for me to balance doing other things while running the wovenblends platform. I started blogging in early 2015, my final year of undergrad. This meant I had to focus on passing my final papers in order to graduate and I also had to figure out how to get my blog going, regardless of inconveniences and shortcomings.

At the time, I did not have a reliable camera. Everything I did was dependent on the people around me. This meant I had to always rely on photographers and external help in order to get content published. Despite this, I made it work and although I would not say it has been a walk through the park, blogging while having other jobs or priorities can be a hell hole but there are definitely ways to get around this. In this post, I will explain in detail, five ways you can run a successful blog while at school or working a 9-5.

5 ways you can run a successful blog

Invest: Investment comes in different ways. It could be financial or physical investment, but which ever you choose, always stay consistent, in order to gain return in your investment. One of the first things I did in regards to this was invest my savings into a quality camera. Having my own camera saved me time, because I was now able to plan myself according to just my own calendar. I no longer had to wait for when people where available to take pictures of me. In turn, this helped me create content consistently. Consistency meant that I always had to be physically available during blog time, regardless of if I was tired or not. Investing in a schedule that works help you make time for each prioritized item on your to do list.

Schedule: Good investment choices fuel a well planned schedule. When you make all the right investment choices, you are able to easily schedule projects and allocate time wisely. For example, having your own equipment gives you more freedom. This means you do not have to compromise reading time or work deadlines, to meet blog deadlines and projects. You are able to go to classes on certain days or work through out the week and still shoot looks and videos in the evenings or on the weekends. Scheduling ahead of time is always a good idea, as it also gives clarity into the kind of content you want to create and should be creating for your desired audience.

Pitch Template: Pitching is so important when running a blog. Do not assume that brands and consumers already know who you are merely because of your social media pages. A great way to land brand jobs and influencer marketing is through pitching. There are a number of ways in which you can pitch to brands of your choice. One way is through Instagram. Instagram is a great resource and opportunity that can be leveraged when introducing yourself to brands. I particularly like to slide into the DMs of brands and politely introduce myself, while also asking for a more professional form of contact such as their email address. Then I send a more formal email briefing said party in detail who I am, what I do and what I would like to collaborate on. I also make reference to my previous DM, so that they have a visual reminder of who I am. While brands have contacted me for projects, pitching has landed me a lot of projects too. Having a pitch template also helps you reduce writing time when approaching brands. Remember you have school or work deadlines to meet and you also want to keep a consistent voice when pitching, so having a well put together pitch makes the process smoother.

Create a Resume: While pitching is a great way to get yourself out there, having a well crafted portfolio like resume gives you access to higher levels in the blog world. Blogging is a full time job, so it is always handy to update your portfolio with new brand projects as you complete branded contracts. Updating your resume enables you have a full fleshed document you can send to brands when pitching. This saves you the time of scrambling through emails to search when your last major project was and what it entailed.

Define Your Success: Lastly, define what success means to you. Nobody can define your success better than you. Different people go into blogging for different reasons. Define what your success should be and look like. Write down your goals and tick them off as you achieve them. This is what helps you measure success on your own terms. For example, working with brand xyz for three months in 2019 might be what you define as successful. You have a 9-5 or perhaps you are still in school, so invest all your free time into working with brand xyz for three months. Tailor your resume towards brand xyz, and support it with a bad ass pitch that brand xyz can relate to. Lastly, create a schedule that would help achieve this success goal.

Although blogging while working or in school proves tough, it can be done. I am proof of this, because I currently work a 9-5 while blogging. It takes a lot of self will and consistency, but I have found that the implementation of the above five steps definitely makes things easier.


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