Shiro Lagos

Shiro Lagos

Shiro is fast becoming my most visited and in fact loved restaurant in Lagos. The food here is consistent and although pricey, you can be rest assured that you are not just throwing away money for the sake of eating out (you often find this is the case when eating out in Lagos).

Started off at shiro with one of my favourite cocktails – strawberry mojito. Shiro makes some bad ass cocktails and I particularly love their strawberry mojito because it is a nice blend of fruit and alcohol. The mojito is also finished off nicely with some sugarcane, this for me is like the icing on top of the cake.

For starters, we had the bang ban salad. This was new to my tastebuds and for me an acquired taste. If you’re not a fan of strong flavors, this definitely is not for you. It had a lot of peanuts and zesty flavors. Also, it is not your typical salad, so don’t expect an actual salad if ordered.

We also had the Phoenix eye dumpling. This was super pretty to look at and even tastier to eat. If you’re a lover of seafood, this dumpling is for you. It’s basically minced shrimp.

The stir fried fish with basil was my least favourite of the spread. Not sure if I just didn’t like it or it was the way the fish was cooked, but the batter just didn’t do anything for me and neither did the sauce. It also needed more sauce.

The Chicken Massaman Curry on the other hand was actually pretty good. I enjoyed this the most. It was a mild rich flavored curry, witch chunky pieces of chicken. The rice soaked this up nicely.

To finish off, we had the mandarin chocolate velvet cake. This was super pretty to look at and very picturesque but not exactly my cup of tea. Again, it takes some getting used to, to fully enjoy this dessert in all its glory.

That being said, shiro is one of my favourite restaurants to dine at in Lagos. From the decor, down to the food, you can be rest assured you’ll have a great time out.


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