Craft Gourmet

Craft Gourmet

3 weeks, 3 courses, 36 different restaurants.

Visa Restaurant Week is a foodie experience tailored to Visa card holders in Lagos. Experience dining like never before with fixed course menus priced at 7,000 | 9,000 | 12,000 Naira for lunch, dinner and fine dinning respectively. These prices are exclusive of taxes, service charge and drinks.

The Visa Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to visit restaurants around Lagos that you’ve been dying to get a taste off. Restaurant week kicked off today the 6th of November and runs through the 27th.

I started off at Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker, an open kitchen bistro, located in the heart of Victoria Island Lagos. Craft Gourmet is an exceptional space, very picturesque. The ambiance is warm, making it every instagrammers dream spot.

I started off with a fresh juice made of apples, pineapples, ginger and mint. This was super refreshing and set the mood for everything that came after.

While waiting on my appetizer, I munched on some house made sweet potatoe chips. The chips are always a winner, as they are crunchy, yet sweet and very fresh.

The appetizer soon came out. I got the avocado chicken salad. This was fresh and colorful to the eye, however, I wish the chicken was a little juicier and not as dry as it came.

For me, there were one too many ingredients used in the salad – a lot of which I could have done without. I like all the ingridients in my salad to complement each other. Overall, the salad was decent.

For mains, I ordered the Chicken Yassa, a spicy dish from Senegal, prepared with lots of onions and marinated poultry or fish.

It was my first time trying this dish. It’s unique but strong in taste, because lemons are a key ingredient in cooking the Yassa.

If you do not appreciate strong tastes, and you dislike the sight of onions in your food, this dish isn’t for you. Other than that, the chicken was cooked nicely to the bone.

Personally, the onions were a bit overwhelming for me. I for one do not like to see onions in my food, so seeing this many made me cringe.

However, I wanted to try something new hence my choice for the Yassa.  I went with an open mind. If the chicken had a bit more sauce and less of the tangy, lemons taste, I might have enjoyed it better.

I dined with my mum and she enjoyed the Yassa. It was more her thing than mine. She was reason why I ordered it in the first place. I was going to go with a simple steak.

For dessert, I had the apple crumble. This was my favorite of the three course meal at Craft Gourmet. The Apple crumble was deconstructed, but tasted so lush. It was warm and literally melted in your mouth.

The menu states it is served with a custard and ice cream, but the custard looked more cream than custard to me, as it was more liquid based than thick and creamy.

Pouring the cream “custard” was the highlight of my dessert. Everything came together so well and although I’m not a fan of Apple crumble, might just have found a new love at Craft. So Gourmet.

3 course menu available during restaurant week for Visa card holders. You also get to choose between appetizers, entrees and desserts, so you do not have to get exactly what I had in this post( view the menu here). The 3 course menu is valued at 9,000 Naira for dinner and that’s approx $25.

Visa Restaurant Week is definitely a steal and should be taken advantage of. My dining experience at Craft was great, thanks to my waiter Andrew, who was happy to serve and did the job right. However, I would have preferred a wider based menu for restaurant week, because I thought the menu was a bit restricted. Also, an alternative form of plating for dishes would improve presentation.



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