Stopped by foodshack with my colleague over lunch – A pretty impressive Lagos space I must say. Very picture worthy with great lighting coming in from every angle. It’s every instagrammers dream. We ordered some burgers, fries and Jollof rice.

started off with some water which came lukewarm, but with a chilled glass. I thought we did things the other way around you know? Chilled water and a normal glass? So this absurd mix up threw me away. Apparently, it’s how things are done at the shack, even with their sodas. It’s a no no, for me though. Who spilt the tea on glasses chilling drinks? Even better off giving me a glass with ice, that would have done the trick.

Took forever to get our food considering there weren’t many of us dinning in on a week day at lunch time. 45 minutes is a lot of time for hungry people who have only a few minutes to spare before dashing back to work. We would have ordered out, but the timing doesn’t make a difference. I had been before now and was told the wait time was 30 minutes, so I asked for my order to be sent to my office which is only about 10 minutes away by car, but ended up getting my food over an hour after.

The burger compensated for wait time. It was actually a good burger. The bun wasn’t brioche, but it was good and the beef complimented it taste wise. A little messy, but what’s not to like about a messy burger?

The Jollof rice on the other hand wasn’t anything to write home about. It tasted like a poorly put together dish of rice and stew, and for 1,000 Naira? I expected much better. Should have stuck to the other sides on the menu.

Will I be visiting Food shack again? The answer is yes. To retry their burger and maybe a few other things. Oh did I mention I had their shawarma the first time I went there and it actually wasn’t bad.

Might go back for drinks or maybe even for the ambiance.



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