What’s The Fuss About Fashion Week?

What’s The Fuss About Fashion Week?

Fashion Week is a week of self-expression through style, and your hair and make up alike. My first fashion week experience was Lagos Fashion And Design Week in 2017. Although the experience at  Fashion Week defers in different cities, it is safe to say the same rules still apply and every one is there for a unified purpose.

Last year, I had the opportunity to work with  Maybelline New York (Nigeria) as their brand Influencer during Fashion Week. Maybelline sponsors Lagos Fashion And Design Week, so this was a great opportunity to meet people and be in the limelight.

Fashion week is an amazing opportunity to make connections with featured brands. It is a great place to introduce yourself and your niche to the brands and people you have longed to meet all year. Fashion week is basically the networking event of the fashion world, so make sure you go branded on your A game, because you will be meeting photographers, media people, fashion professionals and other bloggers – and all these people are pretty much the type of company you need in your life, not just as a blogger, but also a fashion enthusiast.

Now that you know what bloggers do at Fashion Week, y’all ever seen the quote by Edith Head – “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

Yupp! That’s Fashion Week in a nutshell. People dress for what they want and expect to get it at fashion week through networking and connections. You can skyrocket your social media platforms through a range of collaborations.

For me, you want to stand out in an exciting way, but staying true to your personal style is always key. People will then recognize you for who you are and chances are you’ll be photographed a lot which is also great because this means not only do you have content for social media, media houses are also creating content around you.

I stood out last year through my hair, but also through my make up and my outfits. I tried to incorporate different looks throughout my days, so that I wasn’t looking the same on each day that I attended. I started off fashion week in denim and a statement blazer/shoes. I then transformed a dress I had worn previously by layering it over a blouse and accessorizing with some metallic tie up sandals.

For my final look, I went local. I decided to work with a Nigerian Brand (Fia Factory). I went for a traditional fabric in modern attire. This was so Fashion Week, because it stood out through mixed prints and an alternative design. Although this wasn’t my personal favorite look, people loved it and I turned lots of heads. More of my look with Fia Factory below.

Fashion Week was a great experience in terms of networking and buzz for my blog. Super excited to be doing it again with a great team at Maybelline. So stay glued to my instagram, because I will be taking you all behind the scenes of what Fashion Week is like in Lagos.

Although the post is geared towards bloggers, everyone can pick a thing or two from it. So if you are into fashion in general and you are wondering what the heck bloggers do at fashion week, you can replace bloggers with people to rephrase the question into “What dopeople do at fashion week?”


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