Holeman + Finch

Holeman + Finch

Holeman + Finch, a modern gastropub with a twist on vintage eats  such as deviled eggs and custom cocktails is located in the heart of Peachtree street, Atlanta, GA.

Honestly, Holeman + Finch ranks highly in my top brunch/ lunch spots in the A. Not only is this gastropub intimate and uniquely designed, they offer a selection of fresh farm to table dishes, all uniquely tasty. Everything in the spread tasted good. I particularly love when I am spoilt for choice at a restaurant, meaning I can comfortably order more than one menu item and be sure to get my money’s worth.

I started off with what I believe was a honey, lemon and gin cocktail. Those three combinations are some of my favorites when it comes to drinks, so i has a swell time sipping through my glass. Not only did my cocktail have a kick, it was refreshing. Paired this with a cheese board that consisted of a variety of things. My favorite on the board had to be the fresh strawberry puree. I love anything with berries(actually maybe not anything), but most things made with fresh berries are a winner for me. So I thoroughly enjoyed that with the fresh slices of bread.

I ordered a bunch of things at brunch. Started off with some egg Benedict’s, as well as a savory waffle and a sweet one.

If you love poached eggs, you’d definitely love the Benedict’s. The sweet waffle won my heart. It was served with some fresh berries, yoghurt and syrup. You could taste the freshness of the waffles. I especially loved this waffle dish because it wasn’t heavy. It was light on weight but heavy in taste.

Not a sweet person? Then the savory waffles are your calling – served with bacon, poached egg and hot sauce.

Went on to enjoy some yummy steak and eggs. This was also a winner, as the steak was nicely seasoned. Nothing better than some well seasoned steak. I got it well done, as that’s how I personally like to enjoy my meats.

The burger was another winner. Indeed carefully sourced ingredients make a whole difference when preparing meals. As I meantioned above, Holeman + Finch is a farm to table restaurant, so all their products are locally sourced from farmers in different sectors. You can tell through the quality and taste of their dishes. 




Don’t know about you, but with me there is always room for some dessert. So I ordered the Eton Mess and the buttermilk pie. The Eton mess was amazing and literally tastes like its name in your mouth. It’s a beautiful mess – literally. It’s a lot of sugary fun and if you’re one for sweet things, then this dessert is for you.



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