Finding Your Own Style And Its Importance

Finding Your Own Style And Its Importance

A few posts back, we created a capsule wardrobe suitable for you and then went on to examine shopping habits in the following post. Today, its all about finding your style and why this is important to you. In a world full of trends and duplicates, it is important to find your own style and stay true to it.

why? Finding your own style not only gives you freedom to express it, but it makes things easier for you. This is because your wardrobe becomes more cohesive and your pieces automatically flow. Cohesiveness equals more flow when getting dressed.

Wardrobe curation becomes a whole lot easier when you have built a capsule wardrobe that reflects your personal style rather than all the recent trends. Investing in one or two trending items each season might not be a bad idea, until your whole wardrobe is filled with trends that do not really reflect your personality. The worst thing you can ever do to yourself is buy a piece of clothing that makes you feel uncomfortable because it is trending.


Now you know why finding your style is important,  but it is also worth it to know that style isn’t hard to find and we all have our own style. Chances are your style is formed from the pieces you are most drawn towards. We might have a bunch of clothes in our wardrobe, but the truth is the average person never even wears half of the things they have stocked up. If you find yourself wearing a particular piece or similar pieces all the time, then that is your style of clothing. It is worth exploring why you are drawn to certain pieces, so that you can build up on what works for you. Finding your style helps you declutter and get rid of valuable wardrobe space. It also leaves your environment cleaner and less hazardous.

Finding your style helps you dress for real life. It is important that you find your style, because what you wear can have an extreme impact on your mood and confidence. Currently on a journey to being the best version of myself, and finding my style has really helped me excel. Hope this post helps you do same.

About My Look

I am wearing H&M sheer blouse, which is old. I am currently loving chiffon pieces, as they are light and elegant. I paired this piece with some distressed denim I purchased in the Zara sale. My look is finished off with a patent see-through PVC bag from shopbop and charlotte Olympia slides from net-a-porter.



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