Green With Envy: It’s more than just a quote

Green With Envy: It’s more than just a quote

Green With Envy: Meaning

Full of desire for someones posessions or advantages.

Green With Envy: My Experience

I love taking pictures and I love coming up with ways to style old and new clothing. I put in a lot of work into curating quality and creative photographs that I am mostly happy with and I think people will equally enjoy. However, the truth is a lot of times, I am green with envy because my photos do not generate the kind of engagement I always hope to achieve.

Blogging is much tougher these days. It is more saturated and there are loads of competitive filters and presets out there, so it is easier to look at the next persons IG feed and think continuously about not being enough or not doing enough. While I am not particularly full of desire for another persons possessions, it would be nice to have a couple advantages considering the amount of work put in.

Green With Envy: The Outcome

When you are green with envy, it leaves you focusing on what every other person is doing. You become in competition with the people around you and you’re always wanting to live up to their standards rather than your standards. This feeling is rather toxic and it drains you without you even realizing it.

It sucks away your potential of being the best version of yourself. You begin to look at yourself based on the likes and comments you get from your photographs. Your photos then become memories of your engagement online, rather than the actual memories of the moment in which that photo was taken.

Green With Envy: The Cure

1) Take some time off social media if you need to.

2) Speak to friends and loved ones around you.

3) Remember that you are enough and engagements are just numbers.

4) Do things you love, with only approval from yourself.

5) Most importantly, social media is a facade that shouldn’t take over your actual life.

The above five are ways in which I have found myself dealing with this feeling. I’d like to know about you and how you deal with being green with envy.

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Green with envy, more than just a quote ….


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