Case of the Blues: How To Beat The Monday Blues

Case of the Blues: How To Beat The Monday Blues

While a lot of people aren’t really fans of Mondays, I don’t absolutely adore a very productive Monday morning. Mondays for me are refreshing and a second chance at getting the new week right. Doing Monday right means that the rest of your week will most likely go right. So ideally, what I like to do is put a plan in place at the weekend for the coming week. This way, I am hardly overwhelmed and I get to tick things off as I get them done.

That being said, below are a few ways in which I beat the Monday blues.

1)  Prepare for Monday at the Weekend:  If the start of the workweek triggers overwhelming feelings, one of the best ways to combat this is to prepare for Monday over the weekend. For many reasons, Mondays might be super stressful depending on what it is you struggle with. Some of the ways in which you can prepare for Monday at the weekend are;

  • Setting out all your outfits for the following week. This helps you get straight into dressing up on a Monday morning and the following days, so that you are not spending a huge amount of time in the morning trying to figure out what to wear. Having a clear plan of clothing options also helps you look your best. Looking good in turns helps you feel good.

2) Make a positivity list: Write a list of things you are positive about in the new week. This will make you more eager and attentive during the week, helping you to strike out more goals as you carry on. Instead of making a list of all the tough and negative things you have to get through, turn that around.

3) Make Sleep Priority: Sometimes, sleep is all you need to get through the week. A good sleeping habit keeps you refreshed and eager to take on new tasks in the week. Horrible sleeping patterns leave you drained and tired all through the day, so it is very important you create ample time for sleeping.

4) Avoid Checking Work Emails: One great way to destress and prepare for Mondays and the following days is to avoid checking work related things over the weekend. It’s the weekend for a reason, so do take advantage of that. Drawing boundaries between work and personal time can help keep you in check.

5) Schedule Mondays Properly: Scheduling your Monday meetings and time in general can take off a great load. Be sure to space out your meetings and everything you need to do, so that your Mondays aren’t packed with a bunch of stuff that’ll have you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

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Now guys, that is how to beat the Monday blues xoxo


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