Fogo De Chão

Fogo De Chão

Fogo De Chão is an authentic gaucho style Brazilian Steakhouse with roughly about 35+ locations open throughout the United States. The Brazilian chain is great for both private and group dinning. Fogo De Chão offers both lunch and dinner menus, so you are able to have the same menu during lunch time for a cheaper price. The menus also come in various packages, for example, you might decide to have only the market table and not the full churrasco  experience. The full churrasco experience however includes the market table and feijoada bar.

The market table consists of a variety of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and a number of other sides. Below is what the market table at the Piedmont location in Atlanta looks like. Different locations have different set ups, so it might vary depending on what location you visit.

Each table gets served some fried bananas, mash and yam, as well as some cheese bread. The cheese bread is one of my favourite sides, especially when served hot. I literally overdose on it every time I visit Fogo.

However, it is best to go easy on the sides because the meat experience feels you up super quick. Brazilians eat a lot of meat, and this is literally what the Churrasco experience is. You keep getting fed meat until you’re ready to stop.

Upon arrival, you are presented with a double sided card. You face the red side up when you want your waiters to stop serving you meat and the green side up when you’re ready for more meat. It’s a never ending journey of how much meat could I possibly eat. The meats range from ribs, to lamb chops, to pork chops and just about any other thing you can think of. You can also decide on how well done you want your pieces.

Tip: Always visit a Brazilian Steak House on an empty stomach if you want to make the most of your money and meal.

Below are some of the meats I had on my last visit to Fogo.

The chicken and beef wrapped in bacon is one of my favourites.

Side Note: Fogo members get a free birthday dessert on their birthday and the celebrant gets to choose what dessert they want from the dessert menu. I got one of my favourites, the creme brulee. In addition to a free birthday dessert, you also get $$$ off your birthday meal during your birthday month. Now, it doesn’t get better than that.

Final Thoughts: The meats can get overwhelming, particularly if you’ve had something to eat before visiting. However, if you love your proteins, and a never ending buffet, Fogo De Chao is the place for you. It’s a great place to visit for lunch on the weekends or brunch right after Church.

View the full Fogo De Chão menu here


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