7 Types Of Black Hairstyles For The Black Woman

One of my favorite things about being black is the diversity that lies between the black culture, especially through our black hairstyles. Black is beautiful and i’m sure we all already know that. The ability to embrace yourself in different forms is one of the greatest things that ever happened to the black woman. We are able to be us in our true forms, but look different at different intervals in our lives due to our hairstyles. Hairstyles are a powerful tool in our lives and although your hair doesn’t make you, it helps to transform you in whichever form it is you want to be at a particular time in your life.

For me and perhaps a lot of you, my hair is an instrument of fun for me. I love embracing hairstyles that are true to me, yet fun and this is why I have decided to curate “7 types of hairstyles for the black woman.” This post not only serves as proof of diversity in the hairstyles that can be embraced as a black woman, but it also serves as a guide for when next you’re trying to explore a new hairstyle or side of you, and you’re not sure which way to go.

1) Braided Mohawk

The first is a braided Mohawk as seen in the photo above. This hairstyle was achieved by weaving the sides of my hair and then crotcheting some natural hair extensions on the top to create a natural hair bun similar to my own natural hair. This hair style was fun and flattering and it was really low maintenance. It was a little edgy and free spirited and that’s exactly what I love about it. The great thing about this style is that there are variations of it, so you can choose what works best for you.

2) Braids

Braids are a great way to keep your hair for a long period of time. I usually wear my braids for a month or two, depending on how long they last and how I am feeling. Braids are actually my number one hairstyle to go to when I want my actual hair out of the way. My braids are usually long and on the smaller side. You can get your braids done in a variety of colors and sizes. Colored braids have become a thing over time. My to go color is usually 33/30, which is like a blondish color. However, I decided to be a little more daring and try grey this one time. Braids are perfect for the winter, because you have more hair shielding your scalp from the cold.

3) Sade Adu

Just like braids, Sade Adu is super low maintenance. This hairstyle is pretty much braids, but with weaving/cornrows done in the front. Again, you can add color to this hairstyle to make it more fun or add some beads to the end of it. In 2017, we saw a lot of black women embracing beaded braids.

4) Shuku

Not sure what it is called here in the States, but Shuku is what we call it back home. Shuku is actually one of my favorite hairstyles. Looking back, I hated it growing up. However, to be honest this hairstyle is a lifesaver when you want your hair done, but don’t want any extras on your skin or face. You can easily wrap round the extra pony tail and have it away from your body. It is actually perfect for summer when the temperatures rise and the heat comes through. This hairstyle is super stylish and we’ve seen different variations from fat to thin ones.

5) Twists

Again like braids, twists are low maintenance and can be done in a variety of colors and sizes. Unlike braids, I personally prefer the fat twists to thinner twists. Although twists are pretty to look at and wear, they do not last as long as braids especially if done fat. So if you are looking for a protective hairstyle to keep you through a couple months, twists might not be your best option. Nevertheless, they are an amazing hairstyle for the black woman. They can be done using expressions or Marley extensions. Both options are super pretty.

6) Weaves/Sew-Ins

Weaves are a common hairstyle for the black woman. There are various types of weaves that range from synthetic to human hair. Human hair options are always best, as you can reuse them over and over again especially if you invest in some good quality hair. Weaves come in all sorts of lengths and textures and you can always play around with coloring to your satisfaction. Pictured here, I have sewn in a Malaysian curly weave. This hairstyle is also perfect for the winter, as it helps shield your scalp from the cold.

7) Natural Hair

Nothing beats wearing your own natural hair especially when it is well taken care of. Extensions are great, but black women also love to embrace their own hair. You can wear your hair natural, relaxed, texturized or straightened. Pictured, I have my natural hair straightened with a silk press. I also added in some color to have it fun for the summer.

There you have it, 7 types of hairstyles for the black woman. Which is your fave?


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