Defining Dress Codes – How To Style Your Jeans For A Dressy Casual Event

Defining Dress Codes – How To Style Your Jeans For A Dressy Casual Event

Picking out an outfit should be fun, NOT stressful. With so many different dress codes out there, it can be difficult to know what to wear to an event, even when the dress code has been made known.

For me, dressy casual always gets the best of me. How casual is too casual for a dressy casual look? or how dressy is too dressy to be dressy casual?

According to the urban dictionary, dressy casual means “casual, but not too casual.”  Still a little confused, aren’t we? In my opinion, dressy casual looks often balance between comfortable and formal. It has come to my realization that people do not consider jeans a part of the dressy casual attire, however, I believe jeans actually work as a great foundation for dressy casual looks, especially if your pair of jeans are stylish and elegant. Jeans are suitable for a dressy casual event, you’ll just need to spice them up with a dressy top and finish off with some fancy accessories.

Jeans are widely worn by everyone, and they are considered casual. Since dressy casual refers to a dressed up version of your casual attire, jeans should be considered a part of the dressy casual edit, especially because they can be paired with a really fancy blouse and tailored blazer, as seen in these photos.

The great thing about dressy casual looks is that they can always be revised. Here’s how I made jeans work in this dressy casual edit. This whole outfit is well-coordinated, and well finished with a silk shirt. The silk shirt makes the overall look casual, yet semi-formal. The addition of the classic white tailored blazer also adds some chicness to the look, making it fashionable, yet casual at the same time. When dressing “dressy casual”, it is always best to finish your look with some semi-formal heels and occasionally, some pop of color.

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Hope this post helps you the next time you need to style some jeans for a dressy casual event.

Lots of love,

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