5 Ways To Quickly Increase Your Social Media Visibility

5 Ways To Quickly Increase Your Social Media Visibility

Social Media has become saturated over the years. Due to this, gone are the days where you could take a random picture and quickly upload it without giving it second thoughts. Everyone is pretty much doing the same thing, so it takes a lot to stand out in the public eye. However, it isn’t about your random picture. The problem is, platforms like instagram are making it harder for brands and individuals to achieve visibility.

It is more common than before, the struggle to achieve maximum exposure. Fortunately, there are still ways to get round social media posting. The more visibility you have, the more relevant you become. Below are 5 ways to quickly improve your visibility on social media:

1) Imagery: We currently live in a world where people are more visual. Visuals are a great way to increase your visibility on social media. However, your images need to stand out through quality. Images are a major factor in today’s online marketing world. Images dominated by a single color or visually striking features tend to do really well and this will drive more engagement on your page.

2) Outreach: Sourcing new individuals to join your social media niche is a great way to increase visibility on social media. Introducing your brand to new faces and accounts automatically brings you a few new followers here and there. Some effective ways of doing this is through external features. Create content for a third-party website or blog. Getting your brand in front of new people generates growth over a period of time. The more external sources you reach, the higher your brand visibility.

3) Give Value: In order to quickly increase social media visibility, you need to produce valuable content. No one is going to randomly follow a stranger on the internet if they are of no value to them. Whatever your niche is, always keep in mind that every post uploaded on your feed needs to be valuable in one way or another. For example, if you post a picture of your food, you could let people know where you got your meal, or what inspired your meal, or the recipe to the meal if you made it yourself. People love food and like to know much more than an obvious caption.

4) Use Hashtags: Personally, I am still getting a hang of hashtags. However, hashtags have been proven to work. Every now and then, I try to switch up my hashtags and stick to the ones only relevant to my posts. Hashtags are a good way to create visibility because they attract people who are searching for particular things on social media. Say for example I posted a picture of my breakfast waffles. The appropriate hashtags will be “breakfast”, “waffles”, “food” etc. However, try to stay away from cliche hashtags and commonly used ones because this means your post might get lost in the mix, since those hashtags are commonly used.

5) Consistency: I do not know about you, but I hate following social media pages who go scarce on me. If you haven’t uploaded a post in about a month, best believe I am unfollowing you. People hate being left hanging, they hate visiting their favourite pages and not seeing any new uploads. Moreover, the more consistent you are, the higher your chances of getting visibility. The goal is always to reach more/new accounts each time you post. If you do not post often, the slimmer your chances are at achieving this. Consistency is key.

Now that you know 5 ways to quickly increase your social media visibility, it is time to put them to good use. Best of luck :*


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