Restaurant Review: Bar Margot

Restaurant Review: Bar Margot

*Singing* Eating my way round town (Atlanta), getting full. Y’all get my lyrics? lol

Well guys, on todays episode of restaurant reviews with wovenblends, we’re talking about Bar Margot located at 75 14th St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.

Bar Margot is a refined new American fare restaurant located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta, GA.  The restaurant is open from 11am daily and closing times vary depending on the day of the week – on Thursdays and Fridays, they are open up until 2am. The restaurant boasts of plush surroundings and they serve signature cocktails, so you can be sure to have a blast with both food and drinks when visiting. To see what I had when I visited, keep reading.

My evening started with the Gin Margot, which basically consists of plymouth gin, lime cordial, tonic, amontillado sherry, thai basil. Gin and tonic is generally a refreshing drink and you defs cannot go wrong with it when ordered. Here, you can view more of what Bar Margot has to offer drink wise.

I visited Bar Margot at Mid Day. The restaurant actually has four menus during the day, which are Lunch, Mid Day, Dinner and Late Night. Then of course there is the drink and dessert menu. For appetizers, I had the Crab Toast which is made of avocado coulis, roof top garden herbs and radish. I asked to have the avocado omitted because I do not like avocados.

Verdict: The Crab Toast was extremely good. The toast is a good combination of crunch with a nice filling and the crab topping compliments it as a whole. I will definitely order this again when visiting.

For our main, we got three different items off the “Salads, Sandwiches and Such” section. The first item was the House Grind Burger, which consisted of american cheese, charred onions, apple wood bacon, pickles and dijonaise .

Verdict: The house grind burger was good and it is super filling too. Each entree comes with a choice of side. We decided to have regular cut fries with the house grind burger. I never met another combination better than burgers and fries.

The second item we had was the Lobster Roll, which consisted of lemon aioli and toasted brioche.

Verdict: The lobster roll was one of my favourite things I had. The brioche was nice and fresh and it complemented the lobster meat really well. I personally love lobster rolls, so I eat them a lot. This one was made really well and the lobster was cooked at just the right texture, it also had huge chunks of meat which I appreciated.

The third item we had was the Barbecue Pork Sandwich, which consisted of pulled pork, kale & apple slaw and pretzel bun.

Verdict: My favourite thing about the Barbecue Pork was the fact that it didn’t just come in sandwich bread, but it came in a pretzel bun. I mean how cool is that? The pork was properly pulled and seasoned nicely in the barbecue sauce. This was actually my personal favourite of all the things we had. I would definitely go back to Bar Margot just for this, you should all try this out if ever at Bar Margot.

Before I visit a restaurant, I always go online and thoroughly read their menu as well as match items visually either online or on their instagram, so that I know what to expect and most importantly what to order. I had seen this Oozy Dulce de Leche Cake online and I knew for sure I was going to order it.

I wasn’t disappointed. The Oozy Dulce de Leche Cake was served with pomegranate jam, pretzel ice cream. Not only is the plating so pretty, the dessert itself is actually amazing. I’m a sucker for desserts, but this was definitely up my dessert list.

You can find the other desserts available here 

To conclude, Bar Margot is definitely a must visit when in Atlanta. The food is really good and it is indeed affordable. On Friday evenings, there is also live music available from 6pm. I will definitely be visiting again to try out other things on the menu. Hope you try Bar Margot out soon too.


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