26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

It has been a while, I know *covers face* However, there’s so much going on in other aspects of my life, so I try to balance out everything without neglecting one aspect. As a foodie, I am currently trying to figure out some of my best spots in Atlanta and gradually in cities that I visit as time rolls on. To start, I am focusing on finding my best Thai restaurant in Atlanta, seeing as Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines. I recently tried out 26 Thai Kitchen and Bar located at 541 Main Street, Atlanta, GA and below is the download of my experience.

The ambiance at the restaurant is super pretty, it is hands down one of the best if not the best in the city. It is an amazing picture worthy spot for bloggers and creatives and just about anyone who is looking to celebrate a milestone in their life. You will definitely get a lot of good spots and angles to shoot at within this Thai restaurant.

Now that you all know what the ambiance is like, let us get into one of the best drinks on earth – Thai Tea. Thai tea is basically tea, sugar and some half and half. Pretty basic eh? However, it tastes way better than you average tea. It is served like the picture on the left and you mix it before drinking, hence the picture on the right. As basic as this drink is, I have had some badly mixed Thai teas, so this one was pretty good. I mean, what is a Thai restaurant without good Thai tea? If you have never tried Thai tea, you need to ASAP (Thank me later).

For starters, we had the sesame sweet chilli chicken wings, calamari, dumplings and street style pork. We did the 26 Thai platter. This allows you choose four starters for a special price. Of these starters, the wings were my fave. Actually scratch that, the wings, calamari and dumplings were all really good. The calamari came out crispy and that’s what I look forward to the most when I order calamari. Have had some really soggy calamari in the past and that just left me wondering if the restaurant was aware their calamari tasted that way? The sauces that also accompanied each of these starters paired greatly with them, so it made each of them more enjoyable.

For the main dish, we had Pad Thai, Green Curry (which came with steamed rice) and the 26 Deluxe Fried Rice.

The Pad Thai came with scallops and lobster and was generally good. Pad Thai is an acquired taste, so you may or may not like it. Although they have a Pad Thai dish on their menu all year round, this scallop and lobster Pad Thai is available only for a limited time.

The 26 Deluxe Fried Rice included crab meat, shrimp, calamari, eggs, onions, scallions, tomatoes, snow pear, carrots and cucumbers. It was not as spicy as I usually like it, so I personally did not enjoy this on its own. However, I believe if requested, they could make it spicier for you.

The green curry was my favourite of the main dishes we tried out. It was rich in flavour and spicy. They were not wrong about having really good green curry at the restaurant.

The dessert was AMAZING!!!! Nothing better than finishing a meal with some amazing dessert. We had the coffee creme brûlée, because my sister and I were both full at the end of our meal. However, Nikki the owner sent us some coffee ice cream too, and boy did she win our hearts with that gesture. Coffee is one of my favourite flavours, so when there’s a coffee dessert on the menu, that’s what I shoot for. If there’s anything I got out of my visit to 26 Thai kitchen and bar, it’s that I found the BEST Creme brûlée in Atlanta, and i’ll definitely be going back for that and the coffee ice cream. They were both equally delicious.

I went into 26 Thai Kitchen and Bar to find out if they were one of the best Thai restaurants in Atlanta, but I came out with much more than a full belly. The owner Nikki served as a reminder that life is purpose driven and dreams are valid regardless of what age they are finally fulfilled. Luckily for her, while others are unable to fulfil their dreams on time, she was able to fulfil her life long dream at age 26. Regardless this still shows that with purpose, you are able to achieve anything at anytime.


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