About to start a blog? Here are the top things you should know

Every now and then, I get people in my DM’s on instagram asking how they should go about blogging. The truth is, I do not have it all figured out myself. I have been in this three years and I still ask questions everyday about how to do something new or grow in this field. Therefore, it is not a shocker when I read questions about blog photography, editing and just starting a blog in general.

Blogging can be tough and is a full time job, let nobody tell you otherwise. I have seen bloggers who start and quit along the way (often times I have been tempted to do this too). The truth is I really do not know why I am still here, but hey, I am and I am letting you in on some of my top things to know when starting a blog.

 1) START – Just do it! Start your blog, just start. The more you procrastinate, the more time you waste contemplating whether or not to start blogging. As with anything in life, it is important to take the first step and start. Trust me, you will find yourself along the way. The truth is change happens regardless and you are always going to do things differently as you grow. Do not seek perfection in the beginning stages, be mindful but do not let you get too carried away that you run from starting.

2) BE CLEAR – Understand why you want to start a blog. Be clear in the strategies used in creating your blog. Let your audience know what exactly your blog is about and the services you have to offer them on your platform. Let them be able to distinguish your brand, so that they come to you when needs arise. Be clear from your blog name down to the content you publish.

3) BE CONSISTENT – The beginning is always the toughest part, oh and the end too – sometimes even the middle. There are times in your blogging career when you will want to quit so bad. When you’ll feel like you do not have a voice and your audience isn’t paying attention to your content. There are times when it is easier to compare your growth and everything else to the next person, and that’s fine. It’s okay to dwell in that for a little while but once you are done, get back and stay consistent in your voice and postings. It takes just one move for your whole blogging career to kick off.

4) Develop Relationships – Follow other bloggers on your social media and be sure to engage with their comment. Be friendly on social media, by replying to comments under your posts regardless of it is just a single word. People appreciate when you interact with them.

5) Go Out – Make yourself visible by attending events and workshops in your environment. There’s a saying that goes “closed legs do not get fed.” In the same way, people hardly notice you if you do not put yourself out there. You need to be out there to be seen. The more people see you, the more your chances are at succeeding in this. The blogging world is a tough one and you need as many people on your side as you can.

6) Quality – As a blogger and content creator, quality is key. Gone are the days when you could take poor quality photos and upload them unto instagram or your site. People do not pay attention to poor quality photos in the same way that they do not pay attention to poor quality content. Take your time and plan your every move.

7) Be YOU – It is very easy to want to be like the next person, because they have a much bigger following or because they are growing at a much faster pace, even though you both started off together (I’ve been there). It’s tough I know, but the truth is your audience appreciate you for who you are and in due time, you will appreciate yourself too. Everyone is different and that is totally fine.

8) Learn – In the content creating world, you need to be open to learning because things evolve and everything moves so quickly. There are times when you will need to take pictures on your own, or improve your website and user experience. You will need to know how to do these things on your own, because people are not always going to be available to help out and once that happens, you will automatically get stuck. So learn how to be an independent blogger or content creator and that will take you places.

9) Invest – Not only do you need to invest in knowledge, you need to invest in equipments. Purchasing equipments will take you a long way. However, pace yourself. If you are just starting off, buy good budget equipments that won’t necessarily break your bank because remember blogging is a journey and you are learning every step of the way despite investing in yourself.

10) Live – Life is for the living and everyday above the ground is a good day, so do not beat yourself up to much for not achieving your milestones. Social media is really only social media and although it should be taken seriously, there are more pressing issues in life that need immediate attention. Enjoy your life while it lasts, because this life is really only ONE.

Hope this post was beneficial in helping you START your blog. Goodluck if you are just starting and I hope you can take away a thing or two from this. See you in my next post xoxo

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