Wovenblends Guide to Enjoying Valentines Day at Home

Staying at home on Valentines? No problem, I gotchu. Valentines day is on a Wednesday and people definitely have work the next day, so it isn’t a shocker that  some people might want to spend it indoors in the comfort of their homes. Spending valentines day indoors does not necessarily mean you are boring or that you do not care about the festivities surrounding the day. If indeed you do care, then this post is for you. In here, you will find a valentines day meal inspiration, as well as movies to watch and games to play with your partner or friends.


So let’s get into my top five movies to watch on Valentines day:

  1. The Note Book

My first choice has to be the notebook. It’s timeless and a must see for every romantic roaming the earth. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams give you all sorts of feels through out this movie. This movie is proof that love is beautiful and friendship triumps love, because it gets you through all the good and bad in your relationship right till your death bed.

2. Friends With Benefits

Although a little more modern, Friends with benefits is a fun, flirty movie to watch on Valentines day. I feel like a lot of people can relate with the storyline of this movie. A number of people have been involved or are engaged with people who they are not in a relationship with but somehow still get together. Even though you’re not in that category, it is fun to see how Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis become friends based on similar circumstances and start hooking up. Sometimes, its safer to leave things as is – sex only complicates feelings and relationships and we see this in this love movie.

3. Me Before You

If the Note Book gets you all in your feelings, then Me Before you will definitely get you all teary eyed. The storyline in this movie is not anything new, as it plays another version of two people in different classes falling in love in the most genuine way ever. This movie reminds you that love is everywhere and happens in different ways, through help, through caring for someone and through just being yourself. Me before you leaves you messier than the notebook did.

4. Titanic

What’s my top five list of movies to watch this Valentines day without Titanic being on the list? Titanic is a classic and all age ranges can definitely relate with this movie. Of course we will never forget that epic flying scene with Jack and Rose on the boat. I still tell myself I have to recreate this with my lover sometime soon. I never get tired of watching Titanic, and I am sure you do not either.

5. Dear John

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that I love, love and I am vocal about it. Dear John plays with my emotions because it breaks the stereotype of soldiers being cold and hardened. In this romantic movie, a soldier falls for a conservative college student while he is home on leave. The bond that these two share will have you straight up in your feelings.


Of course no movie is complete without food, but since it’s valentines day, we don’t want you snacking on just popcorn and some candy, so I’ve included a link to my minced beef rigatoni perfect for two (here). To feed more people, double the ingredients used in this recipe.

Dim your lights down low, light some nicely scented candles and enjoy your movie with this dish. Get cozy with your partner and/or your friends.

If you’re still hungry during the movie, grab some popcorn, skittles, chocolate, strawberries and a few drinks to satisfy your extra sweet cravings.


Yes, I know not everyone might want to watch a movie or be extra cheesy with romantic films, so you can play games too. Some of my favourite games include but are not limited to

  1. Chess
  2. Monopoly
  3. Truth or Dare
  4. Risk
  5. Chinese Whisper

You and your significant other and/or guests can get creative with these games, putting your own twist on them. Playing games is a way to experience bonding and strengthen your relationship. Through playing games, you also get to work out the ways in which other people communicate and make decisions. This will be a neutral space to learn about how your partner and friends work together with you.


Hope my guide to enjoying valentines day at home helps you get creative this year. Also, just because you are staying home does not mean you should not get dressed and look cute to host your night indoors. If you are female, wear a pretty dress and throw on some heels, have your significant other dress up too. You can also throw in a theme and have your friends come all dressed up ready for a night of fun. Enjoy lovers day 2018 sweeties.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nayonde says:

    I love how simple these pictures are + I just added “Me before You” to my folder of fave movies. I’ve watched it 5 times now 😭


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