Food Review: The Orchid Bistro

Hey Y’all!

It’s been a minute, so Happy New Year??? Hope your year has been off to a great start?One of the many things I am looking to include into my blog this year is restaurant reviews. If you’re an avid follower of this platform, you already know I post recipes of dishes I cook myself. However, every now and then I love to dine out, so its only right I let you all know where I visit and what I think. Recently, I visited “The Orchid Bistro” in Lagos, Nigeria. The Orchid Bistro is located right in the heart of Ikoyi on Raymond Njoku. It’s a newer outlet, as there’s an older on in Ikeja, nevertheless, both locations are consistent in the ambiance and restaurant feel.



This was my fourth visit or so to The Orchid Bistro, I really can’t remember, but it was my second to the Ikoyi location and this time, I got to try a wider variety of items on their menu. On visits prior to this, I had their shepherds pie (one of my faves, not sure if they still have this as a menu item), brunch, and pastries. This time around, we sat down to a full meal. We started off with hot and spicy wings, and then we had the salmon steak and filet mignon, and for dessert, we had apple pie served with custard and the chocolate bomb. For drinks, we had two shots of Jack Daniels, house made ginger ale, mango margarita and summer fruit Iced tea.


The Food

I personally didn’t enjoy the chicken wings are much as I had looked forward to eating them, especially after seeing them. This is because they were not seasoned to the bone as I would usually season mine, and it wasn’t as crunchy as I would have loved it to be.


The Salmon Steak on the other hand was yummy. I especially liked the rice it came with, I think that was my turn on with this dish because I wasn’t really looking forward to eating rice with my salmon, but I absolutely liked it. I had out of my boyfriends’ filet mignon and roasted potatoes, which got served with a mushroom sauce, and I enjoyed that too. The only thing is we asked for the steak well done and somehow still got it pinkish – other than that, the steak was also a really good choice.


Now, you would think after all that food, there’ll be no space for dessert, but we ate that in all its glory. The apple pie at Orchid Bistro is always a winner, especially when served warm. I had that with custard and my boyfriend had the Chocolate bomb, which was really fascinating from the way it was served to deconstructing it. The chocolate bomb is basically a chocolate ball, with ice cream and some hidden goodness inside. In addition, some hot melted chocolate is poured over it table side.


The Orchid Bistro experience was a pleasant one overall, so even if you’re not stopping by for a full meal, their pastries, desserts and drinks are a great idea. I absolutely loved my mango margarita, it was refreshing and the mango was not overwhelming. The house made ginger ale is also really good; I tasted it on its own before mixing it with the Jack Daniels shot(s), which made it taste even better.


Looking for a restaurant in Lagos with chilled vibes where you can enjoy scenery, take nice pictures and get decent food? You should consider The Orchid Bistro. If you’ve been or ever go, do share your experience with me. I’ll like to know what you thought.



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  1. Sweettooth says:

    Nice review, never been to Orchid Bistro but I intend to visit this year. Would definitely be trying the Chocolate bomb after seeing this, it looks so good!
    P.s you take really nice pictures!


    1. wovenblends says:

      Thank you! You should definitely visit this year. Let me know what you think when you finally make it.


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