Holiday SZN

It’s about roughly two and a half more weeks till the end of the year, that’s 19 days till we say good bye to 2017. WHAT a year it has been for me, blog wise and in my personal life. Still struggling to end 2017 on a high note, so putting in all that last minute extra work to end the year with a bang.

It’s Holiday SZN and that means a lot of companies are going to have end of year parties and what not. Families will also be throwing Christmas parties and there’s generally just going to be a lot of celebrations up in the air.


This dress is perfect for the holiday – attending your companies end of year party soon or your family Christmas party? This dress is absolutely suitable. It is chic, classy and sexy – it embodies everything the modern day woman should be.

I particularly love the cut and style of this dress, even more so, I appreciate the fact that it is made from a comfortable stretchy fabric, so eating my heart out should be no problem at all.


Not going to any holiday parties at all? Not a bother – you can still wear this piece out on a dinner date with your man, or out to dinner with the girls. This piece is timeless and can be styled for just about any occasion.



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