I don’t know what it is with Nigerian parents and the correlation between dressing and morals. Indeed, the famous saying goes “dress how you want to be addressed,” however, I strongly believe that if you are not dressed in a skimpy manner and all your parts are not out, you are good. I say this because my mum constantly reminds me that I am a Christian girl, and so I should dress like one. She made that statement particularly to this look. Like hello mum????


I was not quite sure what she meant when she made the statement, because

  1. I do not see anything wrong in this outfit. It is not exposing in any way at all. My boobs aren’t out in open and neither is anything that should not be seen.
  2. Are Christian girls not allowed to wear shorts?
  3. Does my clothing now determine whether or not I am a Christian. To the best of my knowledge, indeed modest dressing is key – but I had no idea that Christian women should dress a certain way.
  4. I was CONFUSED!!!!!

So let us discuss this, what do you think? My mum made the statement because to her my shorts were too short and my midriff was showing through my blouse. Regardless, I do not think it warranted the infusion of Christianity. I acknowledge I am a Christian through my thoughts and actions and I personally do not think I ever wear anything out of character.


That being said, this look is perfect for the Nigerian climate. It is comfortable, stylish and heat conducive. I particularly love the infusion of lace and leather together in the same look. Might I add that my trainers are suede, so it adds its own bit of edginess. Black and red are really a great combination.


Top: Zara

Shorts: &otherstories

Shoes: Adidas


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  1. Ayinoluwa Abegunde says:

    I feel the idea behind it is dressing in a way that does not cause our brothers to lust over us(Matt. 5:27-28). So modesty shows sensitivity to sin,especially the sin of others; instead of saying you’re not the one sinning so you’re not responsible (Rom 14:13).

    However, I have an issue with this in the sense that women are told to dress modestly but men struggling with lust are not taught self-control. These days, you can be completely covered up and men will still lust over you.

    Another notion is that women don’t lust over men so men are ‘allowed’ to wear skintight clothes that accentuate their muscles (an example of what women may lust over).

    Overall, I think the whole point can sometimes be missed. We need to aim for the modesty of the heart first. Many people dress modestly for the culture yet their hearts do not portray what God says it should. When we are modest in our hearts, then the modestly can genuinely manifest outwardly in our choice of clothes.

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  2. Beautiful and nice style! Your photographer does very well


  3. poetictwila says:

    hahaha wow! I love this. My mom was on my case just yesterday about my shorts being too inappropriate but for the sake of peace I removed them. Although nothing about it was inappropriate.


  4. Bee says:

    OMG !!! I’m literally gushing in the office over this look. I love it !!!!!! That lace blouse is too gorg !
    My mum would probably say the exact same thing, and not let me leave the house.


  5. mjjunior7 says:

    I like this ! Simple yet Edgy!



  6. Alexandra says:

    I really like the look! You balanced it nicely with these sneakers, so leather and lace are not over the top at all.


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