Is orange still the new black?

Once upon a time when orange was the new black – but is it really still the new black? Perhaps we’ll have this discussion much later? Anyone else excited it’s the weekend?


I havn’t looked forward to the weekend as much as I am today. It’s been a long weekend for me, as I’ve been so hands on.   Usually, on a Friday, I’ll have looked for things to do tonight but for the first time ever, I actually just want to sleep. I guess it’s what adulthood does to you.

This weekend is all about reflecting on the past week, in order to get ready for the upcoming week. This small business life is no joke.


Do you have plans this weekend? What are you getting up to? This jumpsuit is perfect for Friday evening. It can be dressed down or up, depending on your mood and the vibe of your environment. I particularly love the fact that although the orange is somewhat fluorescent, it isn’t loud and in your face. It is subtle in its own way.


Although sexy, jumpsuits are powerful and flattering. In my opinion, a good jumpsuit – well fitted – makes you feel good in all the right ways.

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – Topshop

Shoes – Oscar de la Renta

bag – mums closet




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