It’s Beef – Gooeey Crispy Beef!

Whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant and I see crispy beef on their menu, I immediately get excited. The type of excitement children get in a candy store – the excitement you get from a sugar rush.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that many authentic Chinese restaurants in Atlanta, so I don’t get to eat chinese food often even though it is one of my favourite international cuisines.


Although I am mostly skilled with Nigerian dishes, I like to try my hands at new things every now and then and that’s what led me to this sticky gooeey version of crispy beef. It turned out way better than I expected, so I decided to blog about it and let you be the judge. Keep reading to see the ingredients used and method for this beautiful dish.




1kg Fillet/Steak
1/2 cup of Corn Starch
Oil for frying

1 tbsp Soy sauce
1tsp Brown Sugar
1tbsp Hoisin
1tsp Vegetable oil
Thumbsize Ginger
1 Garlic clove


  1. Cut fillet/ steak into really thin pieces as shown above
  2. Evenly coat fillet pieces with corn starch
  3. Heat a wok with some oil and then add well coated fillet pieces when hot. Fry until crispy
  4. Drain crispy beef and leave to cool
  5. In a clean wok, add vegetable oil then the diced/minced garlic and ginger. Simmer the garlic and ginger for a few seconds, then add soy sauce, hoison sauce and brown sugar. Let simmer until bubbly
  6. Add in crispy beef and coat well in sauce for a few seconds before taking off heat
  7. Enjoy with rice or alone.


Note: For extra heat, add in pepper flakes.


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