Life Update in Nuraniya

It has taken a while, but I am finally getting back on track with my life. From moving cities to travelling and trying to figure out my next steps, it has been one heck of a roller coaster.

After I finished my internship in the summer, I figured I needed to breathe. Seeing as I have worked my butt off in my most recent years, with little or no time for myself, and with winter around the corner, I knew I wanted to be in a place with warmer climate (because I hate the cold). I decided Lagos was the best place for me, as the cost of living would be less than anywhere else I decided to move to.

I mean, I have family and friends in Lagos and of course I  was ready to move past long distance and actually be closer to my boyfriend. I have been in Lagos for 5 weeks now and it’s only 5 weeks later I am finally coming to terms with my new reality.


After my first week back in this crazy city, I went on vacation with my boyfriend. Before then, I hadn’t been to anywhere new and one of the things I promised myself when I turned a year older in May was that I would save up and travel more (thinking less of how much it will cost me physically and financially.)

We flew out of Lagos to Nairobi for a connecting flight to Zanzibar. If you follow me on instagram @wovenblends , you’re probably up to date with everything I got up to while away. We spent roughly four nights in Zanzibar, after which we went to Nairobi for a week. Those two weeks were weeks I had longed for, for a really long time. They got me refreshed and simultaneously helped me see life in a different light.


I am back in Lagos now and ready to network my way through this blogging business, because trust me it gets tough and sometimes all you need are one or two people who are in the game and understand what exactly it is you are going through.

Life gets tough, but with each passing day, I realize that you really just have to push through. I am learning each day that you have to go out and put yourself out there to be seen – that’s a challenge I battle with, and I hope I will soon be able to come out of this shell I am currently in.

That being said, hope you have enjoyed my “life update in Nuraniya.” Nuraniya is a contemporary lifestyle brand curated by a Nigerian designer. Although this two-piece is bold and daring, what strikes me most about it, is that it is Nigerian made. The colours in this outfit compliment each other, and in addition pair well with the cut of the overall outfit.

This look is perfect for work, formal events or even dinner dates – as a matter of fact, this was one of my signature pieces I took on my trip to Zanzibar and Nairobi. I wore the top separately with a pair of jeans and court shoes (as seen in these pictures) to Karaoke night while in Nairobi. Although sold together, both items can be styled and worn separately.


Outfit Details

Two-piece – Nuraniya

Shoes – Bradgley Mishka


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  1. RachelW says:

    Omg you look STUNNING! Such a gorgeous outfit 😀


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