How to Dress Like a 90’s baby in 2017

When it comes to music and fashion – like history – everything has a tendency to get repeated. This includes decades. Right now, we are experiencing a resurgence of fashion trends inspired by the nineties.

Fashion in the 1990s was all about being youthful and carefree. People often engaged in the grunge and minimal trends. Moreover, music and fashion went hand in hand as people mostly copied the unique styles of their fashion idols. Celebrities were the style icons of the 90s, with many of them engaging in the mid riff and mini skirt trends.

Currently, the 90s are experiencing a huge revival in the fashion scene. A vast amount of styles that were popular 20 years ago are famous now. Classic 90s pieces are being revamped into modern day looks, with crop tops and choker pieces having a huge resurgence in popularity. So how do you reflect the 90s in todays modern world?


In order to be a 90s baby in 2017 and still keep your cool, it is important to rework your style, so that it still fits into todays culture. It is also important to stay in line with your fashion preference, while still staying true to yourself and your style. Instead of copying a look exactly as it is, you can remix it to fit into your persona, while keeping it modern too.

Yes, you want to look “too cool to care”, but also fresh and on-trend. In this style post, I blended two 90s classic piece (a crop top and choker), and paired it into an everyday wardrobe piece (denim). Also, although denim is a wardrobe staple, let’s not forget mini-skirts were an absolute must-have in the ’90s – thanks to Versace.

My short hair compliments the look and adds in its own element to my overall attire. This is not a typical look you will catch me wearing occasionally, but, overall, I had fun with this styling – embracing the carefree, youthful feel of the 90s.


Outfit details

Crop Top – Zara

Skirt – Zara

Shoes – Zara

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  1. Thabo says:

    Hi Hadiza

    I’ve sent this twice before, not sure if you are getting them 🙂

    We need your help. I am Thabo, founder of a South African style app. We are looking for bloggers to help us seed our content by allowing us to use 2 or 3 of their outfits in our app, in exchange for a link to your blog.

    Please see an example that we did with your outfit at and let me know if we can use that and perhaps 2 more outfits. We would really appreciate your help in this regard.



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