Trend: My Double Take on Denim

Everyone’s wearing double denim and here is my take on it. I remember when double denim was a taboo and everyone was faced with the question “should you or should you not wear denim on denim?”

Well here is what I think – Denim on denim is great if worn well and just like everything else, it can either be a miss or hit style decision. If you are not quite convinced yet, or need some style inspiration, hopefully my double denim look can change your mind.


Since the closet is about 40% denim, it only makes sense that you make the most out of your denim pieces. Despite this, there is still a very thin line between looking chic in your double denim or looking overwhelming. One rule I always try to follow when rocking denim on denim is to keep both denim items similar in colour, despite playing with denim shades – this adds some sort of contrast to your outfit without making it too rowdy.

I personally also like to pair my denim on denim look with at least one distressed item. In this case, my jeans are ripped and this adds on its own cool effect to the overall style. In order to take away attention from being too “denimed up”, I paired this look with some statement sneakers. The colour of my shoes add a vibrant touch to my overall look.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to dress up your denim on denim. Throw on some cute heels or a nice jacket or even some coloured lips to add a bit of distraction to your overall look.

Overall, make sure your pieces individually fit correctly because ill fitting pieces can throw off your overall look. Once you nail the fit of your outfit, everything else is minor. For me, denim is casual so I always go the casual route while playing around with textures and colours. Hope this look inspires you the next time you decide to take a double dose at denim.


Outfit Details

Top – Asos || Similar here, I like this option here

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Adidas

Bag – Kyle and Kendall

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mjjunior7 says:

    You look lovely.

    I did something similar on my blog –


  2. Oroma R. R. says:

    Your top and jeans are so cute!



  3. Marta Naffa says:

    Love your look! Rugged hems paired with red trainers – tit’s a great take on denim-denim! 🙂


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