How I came up with my 4th of July outfit.

Almost a week late I know – not intentional at all. However, I trust the timing of this post because it also serves as a guide beyond the 4th of July. A lot of people prep you on their outfits for the 4th, but no one really goes “here’s what I wore.” So here I am guys, showing you what I wore on the 4th and how I came up with it.

The 4th is a super festive time in America when everyone dresses up in the American colours to show patriotism. As an immigrant and Permanent Resident, I pretty much consider myself semi-American now (still proudly Nigerian) :p Although I don’t have a family tradition or go all out on the 4th, I semi-consciously try to dress accordingly on the day.


This year, I actually did not have an outfit planned but I was able to spontaneously pull something off last minute. I remembered I had a red and white patterned shirt in my closet I had never worn and a denim skirt I hardly ever wear. Although this look was trial and error, it turned out serving it’s purpose.

So how do you deal with unplanned wardrobe events?

We all have those days when we have absolutely have no idea what we are going to wear. I particularly get fearful when it is an event or an occasion and I am unprepared. In cases like this, here are 5 things I do to stay calm;

  • I visually put outfits together in my head
  • I at least have an idea of one key item I can build from
  • I look at style magazines and check out instagram to see what other people have put together
  • I pair colours together and patterns before trying on
  • I style my outfit around an accessory, bags or shoes – especially if it is a new/hot item in my closet


Which of my 5 tips did I put into styling this outfit?

I obviously knew what colours I was going to wear on the 4th – duhhh!!! Everyone wears red, white and blue. So I had already paired my colours and patterns in my head.

I also had a key item I was going to style around – my shirt. This was easy because my shirt was red and white and I only needed something blue to complete the look. Denim was an easy pair and since I didn’t want to wear trousers, I opted to wear a skirt, and threw on my white slides for comfort.


After all that, I ended up at dinner with my family to celebrate my cousins birthday.

Outfit Details

Shirt – Asos (Out Of Stock) || Similar here and here

Skirt – Zara (Old) || Similar here || I really like this option

Shoes – Michael Kors

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  1. nenyescloset says:

    Amazing 💕, love the outfit!


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