Black Blazer: A wardrobe essential + 5 tips to guide you for the perfect blazer fit.

Hey guys,

who else is super glad that it’s the end of the week? I know I am and I have a lot lined up for my weekend. I have scheduled tomorrow to shoot upcoming blog posts – this 9-5 life isn’t easy and it takes a lot of my personal life. However, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

These days, I am taking steps to improve the quality of my blog posts, so that not only does my content appeal to me, but it benefits you all too. So today, I am writing about a wardrobe essential everyone should have – A Black Blazer.


According to Forbes, “A well-made blazer is a transformative object.” Nice fitting blazers compliment a variety of outfits as they make denims dressy, polish your party dresses and also do a good job of hiding that extra skin.

Blazers are very versatile and can be both professional and sensual. Often times, a blazer is all you need to transform your style from simple to dashing and black blazers fall nothing short of that.


Here are 5 tips to go by when trying to decide the best fit for your blazer.

  • Your blazer should be fitted across the shoulders but not tight
  • The hem should skim your hipbone
  • The sleeves of your blazer should be long enough to reach the middle of your thumb
  • Your blazer should be able to button up properly and when unbuttoned form a nice shape
  • Not sure what size of blazer you are? Always take the bigger size. It is easier to tailor to size.


Always remember that your blazer is a frame and you are the main attraction. With that being said, I hope you now know what to look out for when next you go blazer shopping.

If you are a first timer, I will suggest you buy a black blazer because black is versatile and goes with almost everything. Start off with black and then upgrade to white before you explore other colours. It is better to have one item that pairs well with a lot than to have one that doesn’t.


Blazers are a great wardrobe essential. When next you are in doubt, throw on a blazer.

Outfit Details

Choker – Adedammydsns

Blazer – H&M (Sold Out) || Similar here

Ruffle Hem Leggings – Topshop || Cheaper option here  and here  || I also like this fun option here

Shoes – Yoox


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