My top 4 clothing stores to shop from

Hey Blenders *LOL*

So I am doing things a little different today. I decided that rather than writing about my look, I will share with you my top 5 stores to shop at. A lot of people often ask me about where I buy my dresses or where to get occasional outfits from – so this should be beneficial, especially if you are looking to make a new purchase. So here you go, my top 5 stores to shop at are as follows:

IMG_42401) ASOS

The peplum dress in this post is from Asos. Asos has to be my number one, because it is almost like a one stop shop. Asos has a variety of brands and their prices vary, so it is really convenient both stylishly and financially. Also, the free shipping and returns as well as student discounts are what keep me loyal to Asos. As a former student who always shopped on a budget, Asos always came in handy because I could always apply my student discount to my purchase and not worry about shipping or returns just incase my buy wasn’t what I expected.

2) H&M

My relationship with H&M has been a love hate one. I used to love them for the longest time, and then I stopped liking them at a particular period in my life. These days, H&M is highly ranked up my list of stores and I definitely think they are underrated. H&M is inexpensive and their clothes are stylish – giving you worth for your money. I particularly shop in the trend and conscious section of H&M because they have quality, stylish pieces. Did you know that when you sign up for the H&M newsletter, you get 20% off one clothing item of choice? Also, occasionally they send you coupons to your inbox and randomly have sale days where you can get a percentage off certain items.


3) Zara

Although Zara has become the Nigerian uniform, my love for Zara is forever. I love Zara pieces as they are girly and easy to style. I particularly love that regardless of the departments that exist within the clothing line, all pieces are fun and nice. For example, I do not like the TRF section anymore than I like the woman. I find things in all the departments depending on what style I am going for or what I am looking for. Working at Zara from May – December 2016 made me go crazy on Zara pieces and I had to take a break because my wardrobe was becoming Zara dominated. Although Zara does not offer student discounts or any discounts at all, they do have a mid season sale which is currently going on and an end of year sale. Some good things to purchase from Zara are jeans and basic going out tops.

4) Topshop

Another place I typically shop for dresses is Topshop. Topshop is quite pricey, so to be honest, I only shop their sale and they always have select pieces on sale throughout the whole year. I love that they offer student discounts and this can also be applied to sale items. Some of my favourite pieces are actually from Topshop. They currently have a mid-season sale going on now and they have some really nice pieces in it. Student discounts can be used both in store and online.


Thank you for stopping by, so now that you know some of my top stores, what are yours?

Oufit Details

Dress – Asos (Old) I like these peplum options here, here  and here

Shoes – Joie (here)

Bag – BCBG (old) I like this option here

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  1. mjjunior7 says:

    Funny thing is those are my favorite stores to shop from, except ASOS cos I have never shopped from there.

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