What A True Food Experience Looks Like

Hey all.

How’s your week going? I am currently having the Monday-est Monday ever. Although I went to bed relatively early last night, I struggled to get out of bed this morning, as usual. It is a gloomy Monday in the A and I just do not feel like doing anything. Also, I am currently trying to get a lot of things off my plate and really just relying on faith that it all comes through. Okay, enough about me.

Last week, I got to dine at @true_food_kitchen AGAIN with my sister and my experience was just as good as the first time. My first visit was to sample their new spring menu amongst a number of other creatives, so the menu was less diverse. This time, I got to go crazy with a variety of menu items. I tried out the Panang curry (not pictured), Grass-fed steak tacos (not pictured individually), Grass-fed burger, Handmade Chicken Sausage Pizza and Lasagna Bolognese. They all tasted good, but keep reading to find out what my favourites were.


The burger was really good and I most especially enjoyed the sweet potato hash it was served with. Sweet potato is one of my favourite sides, so it was no problem trying to decide between sweet potatoes and a kale salad. I would definitely recommend the Grass-fed burger if you are a first timer at true food. It was amazing to see how unhealthy food could be made healthy and still taste true.


The pizza was the first thing I dug into, and I absolutely loved it. Although personally, I thought it did not have enough chicken on it, the pizza was yummy and I had the rest the next day as a snack at work. It tasted even better warmed up in the microwave. You can NEVER go wrong with pizza as an option.


For drinks, my sister had the honey lemonade which I tasted and it was pretty good. Matter of fact, I am going to recreate that at home when next I am in the mood for some good lemonade. I on the other hand had a berry cocktail – it was pretty and girly and that’s exactly what I look for in cocktails, as I am a light weight and cannot handle anything extra. The cocktail was light and all ingredients mixed in proportion. I did not feel the alcohol kick in till much later and maybe that’s because I had my drink last after all the food. Regardless, it was good.


From food to drinks, you have an idea of my true food experience. I love good food and an even better ambiance, but you know what tops this off? AMAZING customer service.  “Everybody wants the truth, but nobody wants to be honest”. True food is a good reflection of honest and true customer service. Unlike some restaurants you visit that either nail one element and miss another, true food does a good job of giving the customer a good experience from the food down to the ambiance and even the service. I would definitely recommend you to visit at least once. So find a true food kitchen by you today.

Overall, I would give them a 9/10. My favourite things off the menu were the handmade pizza and steak tacos. The panang curry and grass-fed burger came close, but after a closer look, I decided those two were my faves, despite everything being good. My least favourite was the lasagne. Although I am a lasagne FANATIC, I didn’t quite like the rendition … lasagne to me should be lasagne and not altered. But hey! One mans food is anthers poison so even if I didn’t fancy that so much, you might feel differently.

For more pictures and videos about my experience, follow me on instagram and let me know some of your favourite menu items from True Food. Stay True and have an amazing Monday :*


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