Little Black Dress

I have never been a fan of the colour black, because I feel black makes you look slimmer and I do not need to be any slimmer than I already am. Although I admire all black looks on other people, I have never felt like the colour compliments my body shape.

On this rare occassion, I decided to give black a chance because I fell so in love with the lace details on this dress. You really cannot fault a dress with amazing details and lace happens to be one of my favourites.


In Nigeria where I am from, Saturdays are for weddings and everyone goes all out to look good. It is almost a battle of who goes best dressed – boy do I miss the simple days where guests at your wedding were just guests and not competitors for who looks best.

That being said, I think this makes a great wedding look. People like my mother would disagree *LOL*


I wore this dress over christmas to a family friends wedding and my mum did not seem too pleased *lol* She said it was too revealing and not wedding appropriate. Anything that shows little skin in a Nigerian home is forbidden and never Christ like.

What do you guys think? I mean, I believe I know the difference between subtle and too much and in my opinion, this definitely is not too much.


Outfit Details

Dress – Topshop

Shoes – Calvin Klein

Bag – Zara


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mjjunior7 says:

    I love the lacy patterns, it sets it apart from looking like just another black dress.
    This look = Sophistication.

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    1. wovenblends says:

      Thank you, I definitely agree.

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  2. Oroma R. R. says:

    This dress is beautiful!


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    1. wovenblends says:

      Thank You Oroma :*


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