How to style sheer blouses and lace

It is finally May and I am filled with so much Joy. At the start of this year, I knew 2017 would be amazing but little did I know it would pass my expectations. The year has had its fair share of trials already, but it has also been a blessed one so far and I cannot thank God enough for everything he keeps doing and will continue to do.

This year, May is a very special month and I am glad I will have family around me to celebrate.


That being said, I am going into the new month with some swag in this sheer lace blouse and lace skirt. I love everything about this outfit, it is almost like a match made in clothing heaven. The sheer blouse compliments the lace skirt so well.

Usually, sheer blouses are not my thing because I understand you have to be super confident to walk in the streets with your bra showing underneath. However, I knew I  had to take this risk and either wear it the right way, or not wear it at all.


Sheer blouses can be tricky. Because they are so revealing, you have to try and find a way to justify your morality for showing so much skin. I find it so tacky when people pair revealing pieces with revealing pieces. Say for example I wore this blouse with ripped jeans or a mini skirt …. I would look really disgusting and unnattractive.

In my opinion, when wearing revealing pieces, it is best to pair them with mature pieces that can bring out the beauty of the other piece and make it more attractive, therefore taking attention away from the revealing parts of your body.


After this look, I have come to the conclusion that sheer goes really well with lace – at least in this context. I think I did a good job pairing these pieces together – what do you guys think?

How would you style a sheer blouse?


Outfit Details

Blouse – SheinOfficial

Skirt – Zara (Old)

Bag – Ted Baker

Shoes – Aperlia

One Comment Add yours

  1. Winnie says:

    Beautiful combo


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