Salmon Cajun Pasta x Blackened Salmon

Growing up, I hated anything pasta so it is quite shocking that I make a lot of pasta dishes these days. I went from totally hating pasta to only eating pasta when at restaurants, to making my own pasta at home.

Over Lent, I ate a lot of sea food because on Fridays in Lent, you are traditionally not meant to eat meat. My choice of sea food was mostly salmon and I played around with a number of salmon dishes.

One of my best was this salmon cajun, served with blackened Salmon. It was a really quick dish to make and came with no hassle at all. On days when you are tired and want to be in and out of the kitchen, this dish is definitely the way to go.


I started off with a mix of some of my favourite seasonings, which when combined make an impeccable rub for salmon and a variety of other things. Like I said, this is a lazy mans dish, so everything is pretty accelerated. I combined all my seasonings in a ziplock bag, so I would not have to wash bowls when I was done.


When the rub was created, I also put my salmon fillets in a ziplock bag, making it easier for me to marinade and get my rub all around the fillets, without being too messy or using any kitchen equipments. All you really have to do is close the bag and shake shake shake.


When fully incorporated, the salmon should look like the picture above. I had this sit for about 30 minutes before grilling it. You also have the option to pan fry if you do not own a grill.


I served my blackened salmon with a cajun salmon pasta. The creamy base of this pasta was perfect for the dish and served as a good balance for the spices in the Cajun.


So for this dish, you will need the following:

For the salmon

Salmon (cut into two fillets and chunks for the pasta)

1 tsp cayenne

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp ginger powder

1tsps cajun

1 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp crushed parsley leaves

For the Pasta

1/2 cup Pasta (I used Tagliatelle)

2 tsps butter

1/2 cup heavy cream

2tsps cajun spice

1/2 tsp black pepper

1tbsp parmesan

Seasoning to taste


Combine all seasonings for salmon in a ziplock bag.

Add in the two salmon fillets and shake until fully covered.

Leave salmon to sit for 30 minutes or longer if you have time.

Grill salmon according to preference.

While salmon is grilling, boil pasta according to instructions on the pack.

In a wok, melt butter, add in salmon chunks and let cook.

When salmon chunks are cooked, add in heavy cream, cajun spice, black pepper and parmesan. Sautee for 2-3 minutes then quickly add in your pasta.

Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes and take off heat.

Serve immediately and finish off with extra cheese and herbs of your choice, I used parmesan and dried oregano.

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