Yesterday, I attended a friends baby shower and at some point during the shower, we all had to say how we met Oyinkan. Hearing what everyone both young and old had to say about her really said a lot to me and it just really got me thinking and wanting to do better as an individual.

We fall short a lot of time and all have our own fare share of flaws, however, intentionally striving to do good and be the best version of you is what struck me the most. Life does have its ups and downs, but I am learning each day that regardless of circumstances, we should love open heartlessly and selflessly. Oyinkans baby shower taught me this.


Her baby shower just so happened to be held at the end of the Lenten season – a season I dedicated this year to being better and doing better. To growing and learning as an individual.

If you follow me on instagram @wovenblends, you will realize I was off for a while. I figured lent was the best time to stay off distractions and focus on me as an individual. During this period, I was able to grow in my faith and study more of his words. I was also able to focus on parts of my blog that I felt I wasn’t doing too good at. Lent has truly been a time of discovery and self expansion.


As we celebrate Easter today, may it bring us untold happiness and joy, knowing that even when we feel like giving up, there is still hope for resurrection.

Happy Easter Guys :*


Outfit Details

Dress: AQ/AQ

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Turban: Nigerian fabric store @FabricExpress

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  1. Hadiza, we’re so honored by your presence at our shower. It took everything in me to hold back tears. We’re so grateful. God give you your heart’s desires and help us all as we strive to being the best versions of ourselves. You’re super loved and appreciated my dear, thank you so much!!!

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  2. lamamahada says:

    Such a lovely look & post. Always about taking care of yourself. ✨


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