Black & Yellow

It is Ash Wednesday/ the Lenten season. Today feels like the start of a new year for me. This is because Lent is a period of grace in which we are able to reflect on ourselves and our actions. It is a period where we become more selfless and more giving unto others – even though this is what life should be like everyday.

Lent is peaceful and reflective. All these remind me of the qualities associated with the new year. So if you have not stuck to your new year resolutions just yet, you have another shot to reflect and enact changes in areas of your life you believe are lacking.


By finding peace in the present moment, you gather the strength and awareness to make the changes you need to make – Michelle Maros

That being said, you do not have to be Christian or Religious to find peace. This new month, I am taking the time out to find peace with myself, so that I can reflect peace around others. I am making a conscious effort to remain peaceful regardless of circumstances and moods I might be in.

I am personally taking time out to build on my faith and grow as an individual in various aspects of my life. I am taking time out to cleanse my space, so that I can be better and do better.


That being said, cleanliness is always radiant. A clean person reflects from miles away. Not only do you shine in your personality and the things you do, you also shine in appearance. Further, you become clearer in your goals and the things that really matter to you and that’s where I really want to be in life.

I don’t just want to look good on the outside, I want to feel good inside.

I hope we can all build a space in which we are comfortable in. Happy New Month Guys :*


Outfit details

Top: Zara

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Asos

Purse: Zara

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