Leather x Fur

I am so excited to share this look with you all, as I hardly ever do any winter fashion on here. I love to see winter styles on people who do it right and acknowledge actual winter. However, winter in Atlanta is not that harsh, so you rarely have to bundle up. Further, I personally hate bundles and layers of clothing. So I don’t even bother when it gets somewhat cold. I hate bundling up and having to remove all those layers once I get into buildings. The way my body is set up, I get really cold easily and extremely hot easily. It is weird.


Anyway, that being said, Atlanta weather isn’t unbearable most times, so on certain days, you only need thin layers especially if you are not wearing jeans.

I decided to style this semi-winter look with one of my favourite jackets in my wardrobe. The material and colour are what attracted me and of course it was on sale for a ridiculously cheap amount compared to its original price tag. I knew I just had to get it. It is also very versatile and can be worn on cool summer days.


I kept the colours in this outfit in the same colour scheme. I actually started off with the skirt and decided to style it based off the colours in it. Have had this skirt for a while just laying around my wardrobe and finally found a look I thought it will fit into.

The neutrality of this outfit is what I love most about it. It represents a number of fall colours and is perfect for a semi-winter look. If it gets too cold, you can throw on an extra coat for layering.

Overall, the different textures and materials of this look also add to the finished styling.


Outfit Details

Jacket – Zara (Old)

Knitted Top – Topshop

Skirt – Zara (Old)

Tights – H&M

Fur Boots – Charles David (Old)

Bag – BCBG


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      Thank You Zareen💋

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