If I was a human taxi, I’ll probably be the New York Taxis. I love how vibrant they are and the colours yellow, black and white appeal so much to me.

When I saw these Taxi flats, I knew I had to get them almost immediately because I was in love. I have had them for close to three years now and every time I pick them up, I fall in love over again. In the streets, I constantly get strangers stopping me to say how much they love them and how cool they are.

The relationship I have with these shoes are my couple goals – to fall in love over and over again with my man despite being with him every day of my life.


I paired these shoes with a gingham baby doll dress. This look is perfect for a girls day out in the city. It is super cute, fun and flirty. I love how girly this look is, but mature at the same time. It is short enough to create attraction, but still covers the essentials of your body.

To me, details are a very important part of dressing up. The cold shoulder and puffy sleeves are what make this dress. Oh! Before I forget, there’s a cute bow in the back too.


This dress is perfect for days when you aren’t looking to do too much but still want to turn heads in the street.

It is also the perfect weekend pick. It is free and entertaining with little or not stress involved. So you get to eat as much as you want and still look cute 😉


Dress: Zara

Purse: Zara

Shoes: Kate Spade

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    Love Love your dress so much! Is it still available?

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    1. wovenblends says:

      Thanks darling! Unfortunately, no. I tried to search for it, so that I could include a link and did not find it.

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      1. THE ROOFTOP VIEW says:

        Still love the dress! Thank you for searching x

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