What Do You Mean? – My Fashion Statement

I feel like this t-shirt has recently become the anthem of my life. Lately, I have had some “What do you mean?” moments and this Bieber shirt explains every feeling I have when those moments occur.

It is very rare that I find statement t-shirts I can relate with, that’s why I love this one so much and for as little as $10, it was definitely a good buy. If only I could wear this shirt everyday of my life … so many people need to be asked what they mean *lol*


That being said, what do you mean it is Monday already? I am starting to loose track of the days as they keep rolling into each other. Were we not all just thanking God it was Friday and now it’s back to the hustle and bustle of life.

I just got back from holiday and I need another ASAP. Third week back into school and I am here like “what do you mean?” … “What do you mean” I have assignments to turn in already?

It is already the end of January and i’m thinking “what do you mean?” It was just New Years Day.


To be honest, thinking about my whole life in general and i’m thinking what do you mean after this semester I am fully done with school unless I decide otherwise. What do you mean I am a full grown adult? My life has moved so fast the past couple of years and i’m at a point where I am trying to figure out my next move.

So you see, not only does this shirt work as a fashion statement, it also doubles up as a summary of my everyday struggles. Welcome to my life.


Outfit Details

H&M Shirt – Sold Out

Zara Jeans

Kate Spade Denim Pumps

Aldo Hoop Earrings


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