Knit x Leather

The weather in Atlanta sucks so much right now. It’s been raining continuously day and night for at least a week. The atmosphere is super gloomy and it makes me feel like doing nothing. I mean I love the rain on hot days, but nothing worse than a cold gloomy, rainy day.

The weather makes the days appear longer, and I just feel this week is not flying as quick as I need it to. I need FRIDAY here already.


That being said, this has to be one of my favourite outfit posts on the blog so far. I love the simple yet cool vibe these set of pictures portray. I am also really getting into the whole sweater/t-shirt, skirt and sneaker trend. It is girly and comfy at the same time. I am all for comfort, so I will definitely be wearing more of these types of outfits in the future – when the weather gets better though.


You can never go wrong with white and white here looks really good with this olive green skirt I got a while back and hardly wear. As a matter of fact, I put this outfit together and was going to change last minute but then I stuck with it, telling myself in the worst case scenario if the pictures do not turn out good, you would not post them.

But here we have an amazing composition of photographs. I think knit and leather is a combination I want to try in a variety of other ways. I love how they look so good together in this outfit.

Again, my hair kind of chips in to the cool girl vibe.

What do you guys think?


Outfit Details

Zara Knit

Zara Skirt

Stan Smith Snake cut sneakers


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bee says:

    Love your outfit. I love how the colors complement each other.


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