Caped Out

Contrary to popular belief, all heroes wear capes!!! Just kidding, all heroes do not wear capes and I certainly do not wear my cape all the time.

However, I am wearing my cape in todays post and wearing it good. The weather in Atlanta has been amazing all through this week and to be honest, I do not need a coat, but it is fall and I automatically think I should be wearing one. In addition to that, the next week and a half of my life are about to stress me out, so I need my coat to make me feel superhuman in every way possible.


This look is little more gothic than my usual approach to style, as I hardly wear all black or pack this amount of black into an outfit. Despite this, I love how edgy the whole look is. The grey pants add a touch of colour, so it’s not as dark as it could have been if I opted to wear black pants.

This is a classic winter look as winter is gloomy and this outfit reflects the mood. It is also casual, trendy and super fun. I especially love the fringe detail in the knit wear. When I first purchased it last winter, I had no idea how I would dress it up. But I find the more I wear it, the better I get at wearing it in a fun way.


Paired with high heeled over the knee boots, this look is taken from being just fun to dressy and classy. I like that the fringe detail meets where the boots stop. All these details bring the outfit together nicely in one piece.

As mentioned above, although black is not my colour of choice, this outfit is so my choice.The outfit is even much bomber to me because I snagged this cape coat for $40 from $400. What a STEAL!!!

The quality is amazing, it is timeless, classy and would never go out of style. It also does an extremely good job of keeping me warm.



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Outfit Details

Knit Wear – Zara

Jeans – Asos

Boots – Charles David

Bag – Ted Baker

Coat – BCBG


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