Woven x Gold

Hey Guys,

it is thanksgiving and I am extremely thankful for life, family, relationships, friends, growth and my blogging community. This year has been a challenging one in terms of school and work, but I am thankful because I know it will end well and be worth rejoicing.

What are you thankful for this year?


Todays post is a little different because it features one of my favourite people – Adekunle Gold.

Adekunle is a Nigerian artist with so much talent and that’s one of the things I resonate with most about him. Other than that, he is a fun character and extremely down to earth. Adekunle is a hard worker and his sound is unique to him. His music is very soothing and the stories told in his lyrics are beyond just chants.

Adekunle and I have become good friends this year, so I decided to collaborate with him.


We went for a casual pop look, because this is what both of us are really about. Although I helped him pick out his outfit after I had dressed up (lol). We decided to colour co-ordinate.

I love the edginess and rawness to both our looks, and I hope you do too.


When asked about his style, Adekunle replied “My style is Afrocentric, Urban and Simple” … Adekunle wears mostly adire (as pictured in his pants) and he makes them himself. The other day when we went out, he had everyone in the streets asking him where his adire shirt was from. Now you all know why I say he is talent himself – he is made of Gold.

Outfit Details


Ripped Shirt – Asos

Pants – Adire (made by him)

Shoes – Unknown


Top – Zara

Jeans – Zara

Shoes – Adidas

Bag and Shades – Stolen from Adekunle



One Comment Add yours

  1. Berry Dakara says:

    Oh wow, he makes his adire clothes? Very impressive!


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