Taste Of Atlanta

This is definitely a ‘must do’ in ATL! The only thing is it comes once a year. Now in its 15th year, taste of Atlanta is what every foodie dreams of. The experience is amazing!!!

The unforgettable three-day festival began on October 21st and ran through the 23rd. I am super excited I did not miss the festival this year, as I always procrastinate. This year, I said to myself I was going to go next year and then I paused and said why would you rather sit home and do nothing than go out and do one of your favourite things – EAT.

So I asked my friend if she was interested, she said yes and we bought our tickets on Saturday night to go for Sunday. The moment I arrived, I knew I had made the best decision ever and spent one of the most useful $25 dollars of my life.

Now we all know $25 can get you a decent meal, but it CANNOT get you a variety of things to fill you up. With tasters from over 90 local restaurants in Atlanta, I had the time of my life eating at ‘Taste of Atlanta’.

How it worked

You buy an entrance admission ticket, which gives you 10 points (well the one I got was a general admission). I don’t think you need more than that anyway.

Each restaurant stall had a menu and each menu item could be bought with points. So what I did was walk around and glance at menus to see what I was interested in, then I started spending my points.

X-finity also had a stand where they gave out free points just for standing in line. As typical Nigerians, anything free speaks out *LOL* So my friend an I got free points literally like twice from the X finite stand. That way, we did not have to spend a couple extra dollars to top up our points for food.

In the end, I surprisingly got everything I wanted and I was so satisfied. We also got quite a number of free stuff – one of which was bread *LAUGHS*

Like who in the world gets excited for free bread? surprisingly, a lot of people did. I have had my bagels for breakfast everyday this morning since Sunday … so yaay to free bread.

With that being said, below are some of the food items I tried. I had everything from Ethiopian food (which I had for the first time and actually liked), to Italian and American.


Now, one thing I did not do was document the names of the restaurants which I really should have done since I was going to blog about my experience, because now I vaguely remember where each food item was from. But nonetheless, I’ll work you guys through what each thing is.

Pictured above are Max Largers wings. These wings were the BOMB!!!! They were hot and spicy. I am not a fan of hot food, however, I can deal with spice. Although I am not crazy about heat, I really liked these wings and they quickly went to one of my top faves of all the dishes I tried.


This panini right here was off the freaking chain. It was from an Italian restaurant I don’t remember the name of but I am going to find it and eat there AGAIN! I love Italian food, like anything Italian just gets me super hyped. I need to learn how to make authentic Italian food. So hey! If you are Italian or know how, holla atcha girl 😉


The Pesto pizza was from the first place and although I did not try it, it looked amazing. I was initially going to get it and then I changed my mind last minute and got the panini above which I do not regret. I am sure the pizza tasted great too, as they were both made fresh in front of us. The panini had ham and pepperoni, and was piping HOT! There is nothing better than hot food.


Okay truth be told, I did not spend my points here. Burgers are basic, but this was a cool picture  to document. So cheers to the Hard Rock Cafe lovers, there was something for you all 😉


There was actually really something for everyone. I am a junkie, so I do not do hummus … but there were also vegetarian options for people … so the festival had a lot of variety and was pretty much suitable for everyone.


The bruschetta looked so good. Just when I was about to get them, I changed my mind. Why? Because I am a picky eater and I think critically about what I eat. The bruschetta had shrimps on it, and although I like shrimps, I am super picky with them i.e. they have to be deveined on both sides and cooked well done. Usually, when I go out to restaurants, I usually make this request as my order is being taken, however, because of the nature of the event (festival) I really didn’t have the option of putting in requests, so I passed on this one. I bet it tasted good though, because it looked so pretty and flavourful.


Oh hey it’s me, just casually eating the BEST thing I had – a lobster roll. Yes, I am bias to anything seafood and lobster in general, but this lobster roll was so juicy – like WET kind of JUICY!!!! <—- No pun intended *LOL*

The lobster was bursting out with flavour and juice, the bun was toasted but soft. Everything just came together so nicely in my mouth …. I had to take a picture of me indulging after my first bite.

You never really know the dress code for festivals, so I kept it simple with my checkered blouse from Romwe and dressed it up with some thigh high boots.

Overall, food festivals are definitely a go to – especially if you are big on food, culture and flavours. Taste of Atlanta had some Ethiopian and Indian food, however, I believe they could have incorporated a little more culture in. Atlanta has a variety of Nigerian restaurants and cooks i.e. me *wink*, so a Nigerian station would not be bad at the next one (2017). Jollof rice is now global, and we all love it.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to follow and keep up with me on instagram –@wovenblends

Outfit Details

Romwe checkered Blouse

Zara Leggings

Zara top (worn as a sleeveless blazer)

Charles Davids knew high boots

Zara bag


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