Teal x White

You have got to give yourself permission to take time to breathe, to live life, to give, to love, to reflect, to be present,and just to be.

As the end of the year fast approaches, it is time to sit and reflect on the past months and everything you have achieved so far. The next few months are when we go over our new year resolutions we made at the beginning of the year. Remember those? Yeah, those resolutions that never really made it through the first quarter of the year.

That’s okay though, breathe a little and live, because it is not too late to straighten things out, as long as you make up your mind.


Something I resonate strongly with is being able to live life on your own terms with no input from adults and  not caring what other people have to say about the way you live your life. The less input from outsiders, the happier you become. That is not to say you should be deaf to valuable advice.

Also, remember as you live life, be open to giving, being present with the people that matter most to you and just be you.


With the sermon being said, I am embracing my feminine side in todays blog post. Wearing this lace like lingerie camisole and culottes. Lingerie like clothing is currently trending and it is one of the trends I hate in 2016.

To me, lingerie shouldn’t really be worn past the bedroom. I think the lingerie trend is really tacky and should be kept indoors.



In todays post, I am wearing;

Zara Tank Top

H&M Culottes

Calvin Klein Heels


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