World Of Coca-Cola

If you are reading this, did you know that the head quarters of one of the most famous companies in the world was born out of Atlanta?

Atlanta is home to a number of famous companies and these companies have done a good job with tourism by creating an attraction out of their headquarters. For example, Coca cola.

This was roughly my sixth visit to the headquarters, and it’s amazing that I never get tired and never know what to expect even though I have visited before.

Remember when I mentioned on Bella Naija and Style Vitae that World of Coca Cola was definitely a place to go when in Atlanta? Well, it sure is. Who knew history could be so fun?


At the beginning of the tour, you are given a complimentary bottle of coke and you get to choose if you want the original, diet coke or coke zero. Ofcourse, I went with normal coke. I don’t do diets or zeros.


My boyfriend and his friend are in town for two weeks, so we visited world of Coca Cola together. Although I had been so many times before, I enjoyed it just as much as they did.

To show how much of a coke addict I am, I even wore the coca cola “taste the feeling” t shirt on the day.

All the employees there kept pointing me out and saying how much they loved my shirt. Someone even asked where I got it from because it was a new shirt they had never seen and did not even have at the world of coca cola. They made me feel like a celebrity lol.

To top it off, coca cola acknowledged my post on instagram and reached out to me. Now, that got me head over heels. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me. I am hoping one day I become a coke ambassador and can use my platform as an influencer on so many ways. So if you are reading this and got the hook ups, please holla at your girl.


The polar bear is a coca-cola signature and I always make sure I take pictures when I visit. The bear is super fun and sometimes you find it dancing around on the bottom floor.


The above pictures are writings describing the history and expansion of coca-cola. There were many more of it’s kind, but I couldn’t possibly take pictures of all. You have to read them in chronological order and physically experience it to understand and appreciate the coke history.


There are plenty of fun things to engage yourself in while there, so you are not just learning about the history of coca- cola, you are actually being engaged. Above is a picture of the letter I wrote to coke. I hope my letter gets chosen because it goes up on the wall for display.


I also got to design my own coke bottles on the screens in one of the studios. The above picture is one of the two bottles I designed. How did I do?

As usual, thank you all for stopping by my blog and thank you for the constant support. If you have not already, follow me on instagram – @wovenblends

Outfit Details

Coca-Cola T-Shirt

Levis Jeans

Nike Benassi Slides


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