Mesh x Leather

Mesh and Leather is such a cool combination. When styled properly, it looks off the freaking chain. However, it is easy to make a mesh and leather outfit look trashy depending on how it is styled. So therefore, it is always important to pay attention to detail when styling these two.

This was a super last minute outfit I ended up loving. Also, when I shot the look the sun was set, so the picture resolution isn’t that high, but there is something about the pictures I like, so I decided to write about it still.

I am currently learning to stop beating myself over things that do not turn out exactly how I want.


This outfit is perfect for the night time. It is laid back and super chilled, plus you can still look hot without doing too much. The mesh detail of this t-shirt adds some sex appeal to the entire outfit. The leather shorts give a bad look, and overall the heels add as an accessory that helps dress up the whole outfit.

This is a look I do not think I will be getting tired of anytime soon and I cannot wait to show you other variations of my leather x mesh look.


These simple pieces combined make a great outfit. It is perfect for dinner or clubbing. Tired of wearing bandage dresses and still want to look hot? throw on a bomb t-shirt and some cool shorts.


Outfit Details

Zara Mesh T-Shirt

Asos Leather Shorts

Alexander Wang heels


One Comment Add yours

  1. Bee says:

    So laid back, and still so cool.
    I would totally rock this outfit.


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