Double Denim

Maybe denim on denim is not that bad after all. I have seen a variety of denim on denim looks and I fall in love over again every time I see it paired properly. I can’t tell which I like better – the same shades of denim paired together, or different shades worn together.

I particularly like this look because the darker shade of denim contrasts the lighter shade. This outfit is trendy and suitable for a variety of occassions. The beauty of denim is its versality – you can feel comfortable and sexy.



I would style this look to dinner with friends, a book launch, to a special occasion for example someones birthday.

This look can also be dressed down for more relaxed occasions. Switch up the heels for some sneakers and you are good to go.


I know I am meant to be a fan of every outfit I put together, however, these two pieces have a special place in my heart. I love the detail of the skirt. I feel like this denim skirt is unique and unlike the others I have seen around. I definitely cannot wait to style it in other ways.

The top on the other hand is detailed too. It is an open back top. I didn’t show the details in this post, because I wasn’t ready to reveal just yet. I will be showing you all when next I style it 🙂


I decided to pair this look with some heels to keep it simple and chic. I decided on a gold pair to match the gold buttons in the skirt. I wanted a colour that brought out the look, however, I did not want it to be too loud.


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See you all in my next post :*

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Berry Dakara says:

    I really like the frayed edges of both pieces. They’re not your regular denim pieces.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nina webb says:

    Great post! Love the frayed detail, especially on the skirt x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Moji says:

    This is one of the most refreshingly stylist ways I’ve seen double denim done! So cute and classy. 😍 Love the shoes as well.
    How To Spice Up A Boring Wardrobe


    1. wovenblends says:

      Thank You darling:*


  4. Tega Enai says:

    I love the details of the skirt also. Cute outfit.
    Being Antisocial


  5. Bee says:

    That skirt 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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