Cocktails With Claire

I was recently listed as one of the top ten bloggers in Atlanta. My street credibility just went up y’all, thanks to fashionbombdaily for the recognization.

Being a top ten bomb blogger meant that I got free tickets to the cocktails with claire x miss diddy event held in ATL. I was super excited when I got the email and I knew I did not want to miss it for anything.

The event was held at the B Loft in Atlanta, with a panel of celebrities ranging from stylists to tv personalities and artists. The one person who made my night was Keri Hilson as she is super gorgeous in person and she was crushing on me 🙂


After the panel finished discussions on certain topics, we had a lot of time to mingle and just enjoy the good company. During that time, I seized the opportunity to network and introduce myself to people in the industries I am trying to break into. One of them was Claire herself, the CEO of fashionbombdaily. She was really sweet and said I was pretty. She also introduced me to her mum.


For the cocktail event, I decided to go for a clean all white look, as all white never disappoints. Due to my bad hair day, I opted to wear a turban, which complimented my outfit.

My cousin Damilola did my make up. I wanted dramatic eyes, so we kept it simple on my lips.


“You look like if Tamar Braxton or India Arie had a baby, that’s what you look like” (Keri Hilson”

Lol, do any of you guys see the resemblance between me and them? Keri Hilson seemed to.


Although I wore this all white look to a cocktail event, it is versatile and can pretty much be worn to a number of places.

Outfit Details

I am wearing Zara Top

Levis Jeans

Calvin Klein Shoes

Sisters Ankara Clutch

Make Up – Damicoco1 on instagram

Thank you for reading, as usual, don’t forget to follow my instagram @wovenblends … see you in my next post :*

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  1. The Alaroro says:

    I love how the turban enhances the all-white look!


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